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2019 Alfa Romeo GTV – what we know so far


Alfa Romeo GTV tizer picture

2019 Alfa Romeo GTV engines

At the heart of the GTV's aggregate will be the same gasoline engines of 197 hp and 276 hp and 2.0 liters available at Giulia, as well as the 503 hp V6 petrol in the version of the Quadrifoglio. Interestingly, however, Alfa Romeo is developing a mild hybrid-style energy recovery system that will allow the energy normally lost in braking and used to assist the engine in acceleration. Only more likely versions of GTV will be equipped with technology, which is said to extend the output of the Quadrifoglio version to 641bhp for short bursts – such a figure will give GTV more power, in short, than McLaren's 570S sports car.

2019 Alfa Romeo GTV interior

In addition, it is expected that the GTV will be almost identical in terms of the dashboard layout to the regular Giuli, with the same 8.8in infotainment system that is controlled by the rotary dial at the central console. We should also offer the same Super, Speciale, Veloce and Quadrifoglio levels. In the regular Giulia, we recommend upgrading to the Super Trim due to the extra interior luxury it brings, along with partial leather seats and wheel steering wheels for the eight-speed automatic transmission.

Although GTV will offer four places, expect the back bench to be the best for children and less adults on short trips.

2019 Alfa Romeo GTV price

Prices have yet to be discovered, but a premium of about £ 3,000 above the standard Giulia sedan looks likely to be GTV, giving the car an initial price of around £ 35,500. Such a price would make GTV a little more expensive than its key competitors.

GTV is also convertible on cards, and is expected to sell 18 months after GTV coupons arrive in the showrooms. A new version of the Alfa Romeo's 8C sports car is also planned.

Best curries for less than 10,000 pounds

Did Alfa Romeo GTV shut down your appetite for coupons? Here are 10 coupes of all kinds of shapes and sizes that you can choose. Someone puts emphasis on entertainment; Others are practical and economical enough to use every day. But everyone has two common things: they all look and feel comfortable driving, and they are all available for less than 10,000 pounds.

The best couriers for less than 10,000 pounds

10. Jaguar KSK8

The best buyers for less than 10,000 pounds (and those to be avoided)

Aston DB7 with precise prices was described by Jaguar KSK8 when it's new and, with its current appearance, it's not hard to see why. Of course, the last part is a little great, but that's because the Jaguar is needed to ensure that its customers buy golf benches, so that means you get a huge boot. We will not pretend that the Jaguar of this era will be inexpensive, but reliability is generally good thanks to Ford's parenthood, and the KSK8 must have the potential to respect it if you find it good. Plus, you get a V8 soundtrack, which will make you feel great every time you drive it.

We found 2000 4.0, 59.000 miles, 7495 pounds

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9. Honda CR-Z

The best buyers for less than 10,000 pounds (and those to be avoided)

If you're looking for something a little easier in your wallet, why not Honda CR-Z? Not only is it very reasonable at the price, it will also pour fuel very slowly and, fortunately, be very reliable. But that's not the end of the positive, because this Honda is also fun to drive. Unlike most hybrids, this has a manual gearbox, and the electric engine is helped by a small 1.5-liter gasoline which gives it little extra power when needed. It's not the biggest or practical pile there, but if it's bigger, it would not be so great and nice to deal with what it is. This marvelous coupe is an interesting alternative that you do not have to suffer.

We found 2011 1.5 IMA GT hybrid, 36,000 miles, 6995 pounds

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8. Nissan 350Z

The best buyers for less than 10,000 pounds (and those to be avoided)

A bit rough: the Nissan 350Z has a 3.5-liter V6 that sounds raw and bassy, ​​solid ride and a huge reserve thanks to these wide, low tire profiles. Like Honda, convenience is mildly compromised, although this time it is because it is steadily reinforcing – it helps to prevent movement of the suspension from geometry during hard motion, but eats into the boot space. The 350Z is a fun driving car, however, with a well-assured steering wheel that provides a lot of feedback to the driver. And for a car with a big engine, a rear-wheel drive and a muscular car, the 350Z is now somewhat favorable.

We found 2008 3.5 V6 GT, 66,800 miles, 7201 lbs

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