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A UCT French student suffers three strokes on the neck in the Bo-Kaap attack – The Citizen


A 20-year-old French woman who studies at the University of Cape Town is recovering in the hospital after being stabbed and assaulted in the historic Bo-Kaap, a popular tourist destination.

The woman was stabbed three times in the neck and her shoulder was injured when her attacker threw it to the ground.

The incident happened at 10:00 am on Chiappini Road, a colorful row of houses that daily attract hundreds of tourists.

See the CCTV images below. Although it is not extremely graphic, this material can alter sensitive viewers.

Chiappini street resident, Maria Honig, told the African News Agency (ANA) that the attack was captured by the neighbor's CCTV camera. He said he called an ambulance while his neighbor applied pressure to women's wounds.

Honig said the material was "disturbing."

"It was very quiet, there was no one on the road, and I was walking to Wale Street and found himself face to face with a man, a small torn man. He tried to ask him something. Then he goes pulling a knife or an acute piece and began to stab it repeatedly in the neck, shoulder and chest. I was not trying to distract it briefly to get a backpack, I was trying to do some serious damage, "said Honig .

The victim, who lives in the Bo-Kaap and has been attacked before in the area, fell to the ground and the launcher came out with the backpack and ran to Longmarket Street.

He was transferred to the Netiara Hospital Christiaan Barnard Memorial when an ambulance arrived about 45 minutes later.

Honig said that the attacker was known to the police and that he had been identified from a camera material, but no arrests have yet been made.

Dave Bryant, advisor to the Democratic Alliance (DA) room, said the Bo-Kaap had experienced a rebound in the buckets, but it was the first serious incident that was a sting.

"It's a surprise to all of us. There are many tourists who walk with cameras outside. We have had an incident in which the cricklayers escaped in the quarry above. It seems it was not someone in the quarry. There was a vehicle involved that It was not in the area. It's still a great shock, we must have increased security, not just Bo-Kaap, but the whole city. "

The county councilor of the DA district for the residential component of the City Bowl, which includes Bo-Kaap, Brandon Golding, said attacks and aggressive begging in the area had recently increased, but the city had deployed 18 additional police officers for try to deal with the problem.

"Also, tourist security ambassadors have been appointed, among whom about 10 or 12 have been appointed, to work with tourists to try to help them guide them. We need locals to show people around this. zone, from the point of view of security. Tourists are seen as a softer objective. "

Golding said that those arrested in an assault that happened one month ago were arrested. "We hope that this also happens in this case."

– African News Agency (ANA)

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