Sunday , October 17 2021

BioWare apologizes for the demo rocket launch of Anthem, the problem of "infinite loads" persists

The VIP demo of Anthem has been full of problems. Players have not been able to log in to the game or have faced an infinite loading screen when moving between areas of the game. Others have struggled to achieve stable performance, even with last generation platforms, and some of the PC configurations, such as adjusting the resolution, do not work properly. The developer, BioWare, now apologized for the problems, explained why they happened and outlined some of the things he did to fix Anthem before the next month's release.

In a blog post, BioWare's live service chief, Chad Robertson, denied that the problems were caused by underutilization of BioWare for server capacity. "To ensure stability, we intended to manage our servers to match the players' population as they grew up," he said. "In general, we had excess capacity prepared to increase the population, and continue doing it."

The problems were caused by an "increase of the players that entered the game" when the demonstration was launched, which caused problems that BioWare did not see during the internal tests. The "rights" of the player, also the players who had a specific combination of rights, could have been blocked from the demo. "We believe we have solved most of these, but we have additional cases that we are addressing," he said.

The problem of "infinite loads" is the most worrying and potentially the most difficult to solve. Bioware saw "isolated cases" during the test, but believed it was solved. "Unfortunately, the problem aggravates in the real world, where the differences with ISPs and the home networks of the player present a new behavior," he said, adding that it will be "difficult" to solve before the demo finishes . He finished his block posting apologizing for the problems and said that everyone who played the show will get a new vinyl at the start.

Bioware has launched a potential solution for the endless loading screens, which consists of closing the game client, restarting it and "if you request to return to the shipment, press the button indicated to connect."

Separately, leading producer Anthem, Ben Irvo, has addressed criticisms of the PC version to Reddit. The publication of the user MushuMash, called "The PC version is a final thought"is a good summary of the issues faced by players, from the negative acceleration of the mouse to the blur of the permanent movement, even when it is deactivated in the menus, which is also going find in the Bo tests.

In response, Irvo said the Anthem demonstration is running an old version, and that Bioware has solved many problems with the mouse and keyboard, including the delay in the entry and acceleration of the mouse, in its latest version . You have also improved performance in later compilations, which have to solve some of the problems faced by the players. He also said that he will analyze why there is no FOV slider and why the motion blur does not work properly, and added that the team will continue to improve the user interface. Yours full answer it's worth reading.

In short, it seems that EA and BioWare have cut their work before the open demo opens Friday. The game status will give us a better idea of ​​how fast the dev team can solve the problems and should indicate which type of status will be on the launch date, December 22 February.

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