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Canon EOS 1500D Review | Things

Canon EOS 1500D (also called Rebel T7 or 2000D, depending on the region) is an entry-level DSLR camera designed for new users who want to enter the DSLR photo. It is equipped with a 24.1-megapixel sensor and has a lens of 18-55 mm as part of a standard set.

Like most of its peers, the 1500D is made of polycarbonate material that is relatively light and weighs about 475 grams. It is compact and comfortable to hold, especially thanks to the textured holder and thumb holder, however, a smooth plastic feel from the rest of the body takes away from the "premium" of the feeling.

The overall body has a fairly minimalistic approach because there are not as many buttons as you would normally expect to see on the DSLR. The camera tries to put most of its functions on several buttons that it has, and the keys are easy to use, and the overall control scheme is not the most intuitive.

1500D is being introduced to beginners, and this can be seen from its characteristics. The camera uses a rather outdated 9-point auto-focus system that falls well below the standard of modern cameras. While the autofocus (in viewfinder mode) is fast and responsive, allowing it to focus where you want it to be frustrating in time. The autofocus in the live view is even less reliable and it takes a much longer time to focus, even when it works. Even the DIGIC 4+ processor that uses the 1500D is considerably outdated, and the latest iteration is DIGIC 8 and the latest Canon cameras using the DIGIC 6 bar.

The camera is equipped with a 24.1-megapixel sensor, which allows high-resolution images taking into account the camera's cost. In fact, the same sensor is used in some Canon higher-end cameras, such as the M50 without mirrors. ISO performance is also quite good for the price range, since with ISO 800, the amount of grain is still acceptable. Of course, ISO can move up to 6400 (expanding to 12800), but the noise level becomes noticeable when it exceeds 1600.

The 1500D is able to record videos on Full HD (1920Ks1080), but in that resolution it can only record up to 25fps, and when set to 1280Ks720, it can reach 50fps. Possibilities may not be fantastic, but with the right lens can be followed by those who may intend to enter an amateur movie. However, the failure to shoot at 30fps or 60fps is quite disappointing.

The 1500D comes with NFC and Wifi capabilities that users can use with the Canon smartphone application so they can watch and transfer images and videos to the phone wirelessly and on the go. This can be very useful for photographers who publish their work online. Functionality in general, however, is something central in modern DSLR cameras, because it would be difficult to find a new model that does not support it. The battery included in the kit is rated to take 600 shots from the charge, however, when using a live view, ViFi, flash, or video, the battery could drain much faster.

The Canon 1500D is not the most impressive DSLR you can find, but with its availability, it does not have to be. Of course, additional features, such as an articulated touchscreen, will be highly appreciated, but it does enough to designate it as a good DSLR input level.

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