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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on the fight they had with Kim Kardashian and the wedding of Kanye West


John Legend celebrates its anniversary and the 10th anniversary of its debut album

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Way back in 2016, Chrissy Teigen revealed to Kim Kardashian that she and John Legend became a great fight at Kim's wedding at Kanye West. It's been only three years and the Internet finally learns what the fight was.

Chrissy and John were on See what's happening live Last night and someone wrote to ask.

First, John said he had no idea what it was, and then Chrissy joked that they tried to remember it regularly.

"We tried to think it all the time. It was a blow to the point where as every time I see them [Kim and Kanye] I am sorry for this, "he said.

Andy Cohen asked if the people of the wedding knew about the fight, and John responded quickly: "I do not think they knew, no" and Chrissy goes (and strongly) jokes disagree. "Ohhh everyone knew," he said.

But back to the important part, what was the fight really? Chrissy does not remember the exact details of the argument, but she said: "I think I really felt, I was very intimidated, and I found myself very insecure, and I only took John. Many fabulous people and Amazing from a room, and where he was born. I was very insecure, and you know how the snowball works and then drink. "

Totally understandable, right? Virtually all the important people in Hollywood were at this wedding, so it would be easy to be intimidated by everyone.

John really made a joke, saying this because WWHL He is in Bravo, "You have a whole network built at the service of the people who discuss when they are drunk."

Not bad!

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