Sunday , May 22 2022

Donald Trump toilet brushes & # 39; re-make toiletries & # 39;


Cape Tovn – As the United Nations and the global community celebrated the world's toilet day, "Michelle R", known as Spacedoutdesigns, has found a creative way to clean the toilet.

For $ 23.50 (around R328), the "Commander in the Shade: Donald Trump Eau De Toilette" is sold at Etsi with an alarming rate. As the ad says, everything is in the attempt to rebuild the restroom.

Handmade goods are so popular that the arrival time for orders is set after November 15 for 6 to 8 weeks. Thus, unfortunately, it can not be considered a Christmas present, but it can arrive in time for a Valentine's Day gift.

If you are not already selling the idea, Spacedoutdesigns takes a few blows to Trump and writes: "Make the toilet again! No president had a toilet brush like my towel brush! I'm automatically attracted to toiletries, just start cooking, I just kiss, I do not even wait and when your toilet brush allows it.

Features include a 38 cm brush with a holder, Trump's "real size" hands, and the vendor is proud that the commander in the shade may look useful when clearing the rim.

The seller noticed that it was for external use only.

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