Tuesday , March 2 2021

FaceTime Apple has an important mistake that allows others to listen to you before answering the call

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. (Getty)

  • A recent discovered error in FaceTime Apple allows a person to secretly hear what others say before they respond to the call.
  • The error affects any iPhone, iPad or Mac that FaceTime has.
  • Business Insider was able to replicate the vulnerability on an iPhone.
  • Apple said it would launch a software fix for the "error later this week." Until then, the only correct correction is to deactivate FaceTime in the configuration of your system.

You've discovered an important privacy gap in FaceTime video chat product from Apple that allows people to secretly listen to other users before answering calls.

This error affects any iPhone Apple, iPad or Mac that can run FaceTime.

The error is a serious problem in one of the Apple star products, and is especially shameful, given that the recent Apple campaign promotes its privacy a lot compared to rivals like Google. The new one also came less than 24 hours before Apple had to report quarterly earnings, which said the company reported a decline in iPhone sales.

The news on the privacy error was made on Twitter on Monday and were quickly collected by blocks of Apple like 9to5Mac. Some users have urged iPhone owners to disable FaceTime until Apple could solve the vulnerability.

Business Insider was able to replicate the privacy vulnerability in his own tests on Monday.

The error in FaceTime allows users to dial one of their contacts and listen to the recipient's microphone before the person really responds to the call. This can be done using the "add a person" feature after dialing the contact and adding your own number as another person.

In addition, The Virgin discovered that if those who were called pushed the power or volume button on their iPhone to rule out the FaceTime call, they also sent the person calling a video feed.

"We are aware of this problem and have identified a correction to be published in a software update later this week," said a representative from Apple to Business Insider in a statement.

Until an update is published, those interested in the topic should disable FaceTime on their Apple devices. You can see the instructions to do it on an iPhone and iPad here, or on a Mac here.

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