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GameSir VKS AimSvitch overview: replacing the mini keyboard for playing


GameSir VKS AimSvitch

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By using a full KVERTI keyboard with about 100 buttons, you can actually jam the surface of your games, especially the space is tight. If you do not already have a mechanical keypad, do not have too much volume for what you're playing, or you want to pick up the keyboard and mouse for consoles, you should give GameSir VKS AimSvitch a look.

Not only will this wireless keyboard and mouse with the cable mouse enable you to focus on what you are playing by removing countless keys that you will probably never use in the game, but it's also possible to replace gamepad on Xbox One, PlaiStation 4 and even Switch with a more precise hardware input.

Gaming mouse and keyboard

GameSir VKS AimSvitch

Costs $ 100

Essence: Fine, high quality where it's most important and allows you to focus on the game.


  • Large switches for playing.
  • He works with numerous genres.
  • Handi smartphone app.
  • Works well on consoles.


  • Cheaper mouse.
  • Without RGB lighting.

You'll love how the keyboard works in the game

GameSir VKS AimSvitch

GameSir is relatively new in the game with VKS AimSvitch, allowing consoles and computer game players with custom hardware to remove bulky keyboard from view or replace less accurate gamepad. Regardless of whether you are planning to use this setting on a computer or console, you have an explosion.

The keyboard itself is mechanical, using TTC Blue switches. It is made of plastic, but it feels relatively firm, not bending, and it's a little in terms of movement when placed on a table. This is likely when most of the price is coming, and that's not a bad thing.

When you do not need a full keyboard to play, GameSir VKS AimSvitch is a worthwhile alternative.

Where this keyboard differs from your traditional KVERTI unit is the number of missing keys. At first glance, it might look a little weird, but it's easy to get used to the common lack of available keys. All you need for the latest games is present, especially if you are MOBA and FPS gamer.

The keyboard is wirelessly connected using the included jingle, while the mouse is just your typical USB pointer. Dongle is what bridges the gap between the device and the computer or console and makes it all easy to operate; GameSir contains a handy guide that launches supported platforms in case you are a bit lost.

As an additional bonus, the keyboard has a USB passthrough and works with any mouse that you have in your possession. Profiles can be downloaded for use in games, and frequent software updates are expected as the device puts more players in the hands. A unique feature is an application for smartphones, which can even process updates and what not, as long as they do not affect the dongles, and then requires a computer.

You can I do not like cheap mouse

GameSir VKS AimSvitch

I'm not a mouse lover. Simply does not feel as good as other mice available at this price. Fortunately, you can use your own mouse with USB switching on the keyboard, so this is not a big problem. There's also no RGB lighting, which is strange because targeting gamers and many playing in illuminated circumstances.

I would like to see a location on the network where you can configure, share and download profiles for KSV AimSvitch. In addition to these small defects, this is a crash adjustment at an affordable price.

Should you buy GameSir VKS AimSvitch?

GameSir VKS AimSvitch

If you need a new keyboard and do not want a lot of game typing experience then GameSir VKS AimSvitch makes a lot of sense. So yes, you should buy it. It's strange that at the beginning, half of the keyboard is missing, but it quickly becomes natural when you rely on KVER or VASD.

from 5

The mouse is unsatisfactory compared to other mice available at this price, but luckily you can turn it off for your favorite pointer and just use the keyboard itself.

Gaming mouse and keyboard

GameSir VKS AimSvitch

Gamer-customized keyboard and mouse.

GameSir has freed most of the keys that the player does not use in the game and comes with VKS AimSvitch. With only the most commonly used keys in modern games, this combination will not only save space when you do not need a lot of typing skills, but it also helps improve the game.

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