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Heroes of the Storm reveals Anduin in the new Spotlight hero


The king of Stormwind joins his father at the Nexus, as Anduin Wrynn finally arrives at Heroes of the Storm.

The King of Stormwind has finally entered the Nexus. Anduin is a very requested addition to Heroes of the storm and today he joins the formation of the hero of the game. He is a remote healer who stands out in keeping the allies alive, but he can also use the light to free justice against his enemies. See it in action below.

Anduin has a set of very interesting skills for players to experiment. Its equipment seems tuned to a curator of creation. Someone who seeks to make big moves and who also maintains the health of their teammates. His shot, "Salt of Faith", allows Anduin to throw away an ally for himself, letting him catch someone out of a sticky situation. Opportunities to reset a fight are huge and high level players will surely make a great use of the shot.

Its capacity "Q" is a small healing with a short time of reuse. It should increase the sustainability of your team in fights, as Anduin can keep teammates when the damage goes out. His "W" is a ray of light that damages any enemy that hits. After arriving, he will be part of a wave, healing allies for a larger percentage, depending on the number of enemies he was contacted with. It will be very useful in big fights that take place around the goals.

Anduin also has the root capacity "E", which allows it to block the enemies for a short period of time. His last two options are interesting. One allows you to cure and protect any ally that surrounds you. The other gives birth to an ally who later explodes and stunned the enemies, then giving him a shield.

Heroes of the storm It may have begun to slow down development last year. However, they still gather content that people want. Anduin is another of the favorites you can try today at your computer.

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