Tuesday , July 5 2022

Indian fans make the noise look like semi-finals in the reserve


Kane Williamson, from New Zealand, won the launch under the clouds and baptized first because that was what dictated conventional wisdom.

Ne Zealand vs. India at the semifinal of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Image: ICC.

MANCHESTER – "Do not touch me! I will come to your f ** header!"

The dense man in the Indian shirt and dark glasses hit a finger in the face of the resounding man with the New Zealand cap that responded with a rebel fagor that fortunately lost his goal. It was an amazing explosion of violence that quickly dissipated in the stream of human bodies that were erased from the tram tracks outside the Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

It was 10 in the morning; too soon in a sad morning on Tuesday for such open manifestations of sexism. But this was India in a semi-final of the World Cup and the convention had set aside a fervor of klaxons and drums and songs.

Kane Williamson, from New Zealand, won the launch under the clouds and baptized first because that was what dictated conventional wisdom. But this was India in a semifinal of the World Cup and this decision seemed poor, since Bhuvneshwar Kumar achieved one of the sensitive ways to the platform of Martin Guptill. A great attraction reverberated around the ground that was almost totally full of Indian fans.

Kohli reviewed but the battle survived. This was a sign of things to come.

India stayed in New Zealand under the thumb for 46.1 times until the rain ended the game of the day with their score reading a penalty in 211/5. At this time, Williamson scored 67 before Yuzvendra Chahal forced a shot that was insufficiently bad that provided catch practice to the back.

Ross Taylor achieved the same score as the boss and resumed Wednesday after being undefeated. No other kiwi offered no resistance, since all India firefighters picked up a wicket.

At the same time, the great amount of blue and shocking orange created a vortex of noise and color and delirium. Sachin Tendulkar accessed a balcony at a moment and a part of the crowd exploded for 10 minutes, giving a touch of affection and spiraling towards hysteria when the small demigod made a hand without pulling in your direction.

A fan was expelled under the clock of security guards delivered of yellow color. It was necessary to restrain another fan from launching an assault on his compatriot. The majority of the fans behaved well, but they did not confine themselves, they celebrated ball points like portals and celebrated wickets like the individual triumphs of the World Cup.

It is difficult to describe the feeling of being surrounded by a crowd of Indian followers. They seem like a laborious beehive, asking their heroes to be worshiped as deities to give them a victory. It was contagious You already know that the Cricket Control Board in India (BCCI) has the International Cricket Council (ICC) in its back pocket, but, in spite of yourselves, you could not stop participating in your party.

Many remained until the rain fell to Manchester and the decks remained. Even when the news was announced that the game had been called, there were claws of followers who sang the names of Dhoni and Kohli and Bhuvi and Bumrah.

They would return again Wednesday, there was no doubt. They could hear another final mooring on the horizon.

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