Thursday , December 9 2021

Makhand residents want to put the municipality under administration


Residents inhabitants speak enough enough in Makhandi in the eastern Cape. They want their municipality to become under administration. The lack of water is one of the main problems.

In 2015, the Municipality of Makana has engaged Amatol water to provide hygiene and water.

This includes managing the aging of the infrastructure. Two years later Amatola Vater withdrew his services due to an outstanding debt of 40 million euros.

Bongani Selu lives here for most of his life. The water here was interrupted at night to fill the reservoirs. He says he does not remember the day they took the water for 24 hours.

"We do not drink water coming from the faucet, because as we see its brown and very skinny, we only use it for bathing. It's really bad taste because we buy water from the local spase, but it's expensive too, because it can not to afford many families, so they are forced to drink what makes children sick. "

The discharge of wastewater makes here a nightmare.

Lizzive Lukve, Makhanda East Resident: "I'm really sick, and even when this water has entered my home, I was already sick and it worsened. I have extreme kidneys, kidney problems and other illnesses and this water is worsening, but I suffer, I have no choice. "

The authorities are aware of the problem.

Mayor of Nomhle Gaga: "What we did as a municipality is that we carried out an audit of electricity, water, sewage and roads, and we had business plans, which we use for financing and using these business plans. , we have plans for future plans, with which we have already begun to upgrade water purification works James Kleinhans, if we upgraded it, everyone in Makhandi, even in cities and city areas, get water from there. "

Watch how Makhande residents complain about the lack of service delivery below:

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