Saturday , July 24 2021

Meghan Markle fans are expecting more attacks

Controversial TV presenter Piers Morgan did the first interview since she lost her job over her attacks on Meghan Markle today (Monday).

Tucker Carlson is conducting the long-awaited interview for Fox Nation.

The famous British TV presenter will talk about the Meghan Markle controversy that cost her the job at ITV last month.

Morgan fans are looking forward to the interview, but most seem to have no idea how to watch it.

Meghan’s old friend went on Twitter to guide her fans on how and when to watch her interview.

“Be sure to tune in to @piersmorgan’s long-awaited interview with @TuckerCarlson today on 4p ET. It’ll air exclusively on Tucker Carlson Today on Fox Nation. Sign up here to watch this revealing interview this afternoon: https: // bit .ly / 39JywcA, “Fox Nation tweeted.

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