Sunday , April 11 2021

Milford, 12 years old, dies from influenza-related illnesses

MILFORD, misa. – A seventh grade student at Stacy Middle School in Milford has died of influenza-related illnesses, according to Michael Walsh, chairman of the Milford Board of Selection.

Walsh told Boston News 25 that the Selection Board was notified of the death around 7 a.m. on Thursday.

Aaron Zenus, aged twelve years old, was hospitalized for about four days before his death on Wednesday, said Walsh.

His father tells us that Aaron was the "happiest, most fortunate boy that he will never know." He says Aaron shot the flu in October. On Sunday, he had fever and continued to increase.

"The community of Milford sends our prayers and sincere wishes," Walsh said. "We are sad and we feel your pain."

The municipal authorities said that there was no significant leap to the students who showed symptoms related to the flu before the death of the infant

Counselors of pain will be at the school on Friday to offer support to teachers and students.

"[He ] He was an esteemed member of our school community, "said Kevin McIntyre, superintendent of public schools in Milford, in a statement released Thursday." Our teachers, students and families are afflicting their student, classmate and friend . We focus on supporting our students during this difficult time. "

This is the first death related to flu in Massachusetts this season. Last year, Centers for Disease Control reported that 185 children at the national level died of influenza-related illnesses.

On Friday afternoon, DPH officials announced a second death related to Infant Influenza in Framingham.

DPH reports a significant increase in flu activity

Dr. Ali Raja, vice president of emergency medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, recommends that everyone get a flu vaccine, if they have not done so, to protect themselves.

"Flu, unfortunately, is especially serious for children and those who have pre-existing conditions," Raja said. "Children up to four years old can get the flu and if they have pre-existing conditions, it is worse."

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The most recent weekly influenza report from the Department of Public Health indicated an increase in disease rates similar to that of the state.


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