Sunday , April 11 2021

Person Q2 arriving at Nintendo 3DS in June

Atlus is wearing Person P2: New cinema Labyrinth, the crawler / role-playing game starring a personage character of Person's crusades, in North America on June 4. The Nintendo 3DS game was originally released in Japan in November 2018.

The game will include characters from Person 3, Portable person 3, Person 4, i Person 5 in a new adventure. Players will be in charge of Person 5 featuring Joker while exploring a series of cinematic labyrinths that parodied popular film genres. This is how Atlus describes the history of the role:

Ghost Thieves are in another adventure, as they are trapped in a series of labyrinthine films, each with their own twists and turns in different genres. Along the way, you will find other heroes that have the will and strength to help you on your trip. But, who is this mysterious Hikari girl, and how everyone goes away from this cinematic thunderstorm that transcends time and space!

Person Q2: New Labyrinth of Cinema It will be published in two ways: a special release edition that includes the 3DS game and a quartet of buttons, which costs $ 39.99 and the "Showtime" premium edition, which costs $ 69.99. Here's the deluxe version of the game:

A product launch of Person Q2: premium edition package


5 "Koromaru Felpa – Now you can also have your own Shiba favorite movie of all Person 3!

Book of art – Take all the illustrations that appear in the game with the book of art included.

Cover of letters – Enjoy playing your favorite card games with style, with a full platform of cards blazoned with prominent characters Person Q2: New Labyrinth of Cinema!

Set of 4 buttons – Show your love for the most emblematic characters of Person with some style with this set of four buttons that show the P3, P3P, P4, i P5 protagonists!

Collectible external case – You have to place to keep all this merchandise, right? Everything that is included in Showtime's "Premium Edition" can be hosted in this collection box.

Person Q2: New Labyrinth of Cinema will be shown in Japanese with subtitles in English.

The original Person Q It was released in 2014. You can read Polygon's review of this game for our thoughts on Atlus infused dungeon pattern crawler.

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