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Pokemon Go Go Go to Pikachu and Eevee – How to Win the Leader of Cedadon Citi Grammar School Erike


Pokemon We Fly Erika (3)

The power of nature is gentle and enormous, and no other person knows this, as does the leader of the gymnasium Celadon Citi, Erika. Peaceful and collected outdoors, Erika's Pokemon's mastery of the closest to nature is scary and ruthless, because it is more than capable of completely disabling pokemon before it even establishes an attack. How did the Master Pokemon Grass win? Packing a little extra firepower.

  • Gym The leader: Erika
  • Pokemon Tipe: Grass
  • Reward: Rainbow Badge
  • LocationCeladon Citi

Erika's Pokemon

Preferring to weaken his opponents before entering into the murder, Erika Tim Tangel, Vileplume and Veepinbell will be more than happy to poison and paralyze their team, so they plan. They are also capable of harnessing the power of nature to heal, but Erika's team are mostly suppressed at this stage of the game.

Recommended Pokemon

Pokemon We Fly Erika (4)

As a Pokemon master of the Grass type, Erika's chosen type of gym particularly faces several elements. While Pokemon from Grass can easily suppress the opponents of Waters, Earth, and Rock, the species suffers from severe weakness to fire, flying and poisonous Pokemon. So far you've probably encountered and trained a few of these specific Pokemon types, so make sure to pack the moves that can cause the most damage.

Anyone who chose Charmander for his guard Pokemon already has considerable weight in his corner, but Pidgeotto or Fearov will also work the gangbusters here. If you are looking for some types of fire to gain an advantage to your team, check the bushes between Celadon and the city of Lavende, following the numerous Grovlithe and Vulpik.


Pokemon We Fly Erika (1)

One beaten up, Erika will hand over the Rainbow Badge. This will allow players to communicate with any Pokemon at or below level 50, and will also deliver TM 53: Mega Drain. When Erika was beaten, the players now won half of the leader in Kant. It's time to win the other half!

Recent Changes: November 16, 2018

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