Friday , October 7 2022

Pollock Town vs Orlando Pirates


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    POLUVREME! Polokwane Citi 0 – 0 Orlando Pirates!
    So, the first half ends, and both teams will be happy to go to the changeroom. We'll be back soon with the action of the other half!

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    Mbonani approaches the free kick. Pirates take it fast, but none of it is.

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    The ball moves from one terrain to another, but no team has been able to find the back of the net. The hosts looked a better team, but everything that could change with the goal.

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    Shonga uses his head this time, but the result is the same … he can not find the back of the net. If he continues to try, he has to arrive at one past Chigov, but the goalkeeper has not been tested so far.

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    Shonga has 2 chances in the last few minutes, but both times his shot was wide from the target! Currently she does not seem to buy the goal.

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    Ramagallah with a stuck who was targeted and forced the Mabokhwan to be saved! That was the best chance for the match so far!

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    Once again, the Pirates player is caught in the offside and this time is Lorch. So, in the 30 minutes, we are still waiting for that first goal. Both sides had their chances!

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    In the last few minutes, the Pirates defense is really being tested and not doing too well. Fortunately for them, the odds were, both of them went out on the goal.

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    Mako visitor caught in offside. He was just leaving when he saw that a flag was raised.

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    Pirates start now to behave together. It seems that these evenings are a bit slow and their defense is still not at best, but the middle of the field looks better now. They have an angle and take it Shonga.

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    Some of these things have to be made by Seabi. Although he gave up, he worked hard, trying to create some chances for his team. A very trying player.

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    It should be said that Polokvane is dominated by the proceedings at the moment. They create chances, but they do not end well. Pirates must be careful or even able to jump the game.

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    Lorch gets a free kick for his team after he was bypassed by Seabi. It's understood quickly, but none of it is.

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    A little kick from Pirates, but the referee gets a goal Polokvane.

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    The pirates start a little slow tonight and only absorb the pressure that hosts try to put on them. Bumblebee as naked can not take advantage of the chances that they create.

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    Only two minutes in the half and Ramagalel went on the goal! Positive start for hosts.

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    Polished Citi leads us to the beginning!

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    We are from the beginning for a few minutes! Some excitement in the air!

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    Subs: Kutumela, Mabaso, Mahachi, Maphangle, Mlambo, Pula, Sandilands.

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    Orlando Pirates Plaiing KSI: Mabokgvane, Marcelo, Jele, Munetsi, Mbekile. Makola, Mntambo, Kalinge, Lorch, Mako, Shonga.

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    Subs: Baloi, Musona, Mvelase, Ndlovu, Sikhosana, Tlolane, Vagaba.

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    Polished Citi Plaiing KSI: Chigova, Nkili, Hlongwana, Mbonani, Manaka, Phiri, Seabi, Maluleke, Mngomezulu, Ramagalela, Booi.

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    Good evening and welcome at the Peter Mokaba Stadium, where Pollock is being built by Orlando Pirates.

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