Sunday , May 16 2021

Prepare for a mass fuel price in December –

Motorists feel burns, as fuel prices rise higher and higher.

That last hike really hurts.

So, you will be happy to hear that good news can be on the horizon.

Recent data suggests that things could turn in December with a reduction in the price of gasoline R1.50 in December.

Eject Champagne, because, when you are in a recession, every cent is calculated.

Evo Businesstech:

Based on the data released by the Central Energy Fund in the middle of the month, gasoline price movements are currently showing too much recovery of 151 cents and 154 cents for 93 and 95 octanes, respectively 92 cents for diesel.

Light paraffin shows a fall of 85 cents.

If the market conditions remain stable by the end of the month – the price of gasoline could be reduced to the lowest level since June.

The movement of oil prices has a lot to do with positive trends in international oil prices after the decline in oil prices.

International oil prices continued to fall in November, well below $ 70, to $ 67 a barrel.

Currency movements also worked for our benefit, with an average rand / dollar exchange rate in a stronger position to this day in November.

Significantly, the rand fell below R14 per dollar before the US elections earlier in the month, but has since fallen to that level, trading at around R14.25.

The expert, Bianca Botes, predicts that the local unit will trade in the short term from R14.20 to R14.60.

"Although there is little momentum for real action as a catalyst for further strength of the war, the currency has been able to outperform other currencies in the new market," she said.

In November, gasoline prices showed too much recovery of 22 cents – however, the government absorbed the price drop due to boarding a sweets to balance the government bill.

The Department of Energy will have a final reaction on oil prices and announce official changes at the end of the month.

Here's how to hope to do things.

South Africans could use good news during the festive season.


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