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Review of the resurrection of "Alita: Battle Angel & # 39;

Alita Battle Angel

Manga to the American live action productions has not had any notoriety. However, Robert Rodriguez directed and wrote and co-produced the film by James Cameron Alita: Battle angel, based on the 1990 cyberpunk manga series created by Yukito Kishiro, seems to be the first real exception to the rule.

Battle Alita Angel, also known as Gunnm in Japan, is in a futuristic dystopia in which Alita, a cyborg who has lost all her memories, is in junk garbage by a cybernetic doctor named Daisuke Ido who reconstructs her and she is in charge of her. She slowly remembers part of herself, the most important thing that used to be an unhealthy.

Cameron has said that this movie is based more on the "backbone story" of Yukito Kishiro's original manga and focuses on the first four books and the third and fourth "Motorball" fictional sports volumes Regardless, it's fair to say that many audiences will not be familiar with the source material and, in general, they will be watching Alita for the first time through this movie. So far, the reviews are unequal, with many positive aspects and some … much less. Although I will see the movie later during the week, I think so Alita yes it changes the economic picture of whether manga / anime can successfully adapt to a blockbuster movie.

The reviews, although they are not glittering, indicate that Cameron / Rodriguez has carried out at least one funny and beautiful film.

You will be consulting Alita: Angel of battle?

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