Thursday , March 4 2021

SABC was unable to pay salaries due to the "validation process"

SABC employees did not receive their salaries today, which prompted speculation that the station was left without money.

There have been numerous reports that SABC has serious financial problems and has almost no funds.

When asked why SABC had not paid staff salaries, which was expected today and if the station was left without money, the spokesman of SABC Neo Momodu rejected the claims .

Momodu said that a technical mistake in his bank was the fault of the employees who were not paid and that the SABC had not been left without money.

It is expected that the problem will be resolved in the next few hours, Momodu added.

"Payments have been made by SABC to banks and we expect employees to be paid on January 29".

Validation process

To see if Momodu and the SABC were telling the truth about the salary issue, MyBroadband contacted South African banks for comments.

Nedbank said that the SABC salary of January 2019 "has been affected by the payment validation processes established between SABC and Nedbank."

"That's over and salaries will be paid to SABC staff this afternoon, January 29," said Nedbank.

Absa stated that "as a bank it is not confirmed who is or is not our client". "I'm afraid that this is not a question we would comment on."

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