Tuesday , May 17 2022

Scouting in the PE over the pic shouting behind the car window


A picture of a man who seems to hold a dog for the leg of a car window has social media users hot under the necklace.

People reacted furiously after the picture was posted on the Facebook Facebook community in the Port Elizabeth community on Wednesday.

It was also widely distributed to the VhatsApp group.

Facebook comments on the incident were convicted, and many have called for the arrest of a man for the cruelty of animals.

"That's why my blood is warming up!" Gainor Bishop commented. "I hope God is there and all the animals that own this garbage are safely removed. What a nasty piece of rotten gravel."

Case open

"Is this really? … absolute (sic) disgusting," comments Shirley Zietsman.

Police spokesman Colonel Priscilla Naidu told Nevs24 that a case was opened in the sense of the Animal Protection Act.

"The person who made the accusation is not the same person who took the picture," Naid added.

To continue the investigation, the witness – in other words, the person who took the picture – should go ahead, Naidu said.

The vehicle on the picture, the silver Suzuki Swift, was a vehicle for rent, Naidu told Nevs24. The police have already followed the vehicle to a local rental company and the identity of the man who rented the car is known.

"Dog is ok"

Hannes Stander, manager of the Society for Animal Welfare in Port Elizabeth, told Nevs24 that a man was giving a statement of the incident.

"We were [the man’s house] on three occasions, to make sure that the dog is not injured in any way, but the dog is good, "Stander said.

The man also told the police, Stander said.

"Now it's up to the police to investigate and the law is enforcing its path. We can not jeopardize the investigation by joining now."

The dog jumped

According to Stander, the man claimed that the dog jumped out of the car and caught it when the picture was taken.

The man transported the dog after he picked it up after he ran away from home, he claimed.

Stander said that animals on human property, including Dachshund, were in good condition and did not appear to be abused in any way.

"However, there has been anger at the community," Stander said.

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