Friday , September 24 2021

Son of Zweli Mkhize and Digital Vibes

The SIU is primarily responsible for recovering money not obtained from illegal contracts, but in cases where it believes that there is sufficient evidence for processing, it may refer cases to the AFN in accordance with subsections 4 (1) (d). ) and 4.2.

Defending himself and his family, Dedani said he had never denied having a personal relationship with Mather and “I have never denied that sometimes our personal relationship has had money exchanges during our friendship. Our relationship dates back to 2015.

“None of the money that has ever been exchanged between me and Tahera Mather has been connected to Digital Vibes’ contract with the Department of Health. It is unfortunate to find myself entangled in a saga of which I know nothing.

He said it was “highly presumptuous to inadvertently assume that any past financial exchange with Tahera Mather is related to the contract in question. I have not benefited a penny from Digital Vibes’ contract with the Department of Health and claim it as a fact. they are slippery stuff. “

He added: “Assuming past financial exchanges mean I will benefit in your business relationships [by virtue of being her friend] it seems to be a desperate attempt to sensationalize matters.

“I am worried and disappointed by the way the SIU has dealt with me after its investigations into the Digital Vibes and health department saga contracts. To say that their relationships have been not at all unprofessional and partial would be an understatement. “

Frankly, he said, “the SIU report is based on media reports, not a proven legal process. As an example, I categorically deny ever receiving R3.8m and this presentation in the SIU court documents is false. “

He said from the outset, “When my alleged involvement in the debacle was cited, I voluntarily approached the SIU with the assistance of a lawyer who offered my willingness to cooperate with the investigation process.

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