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Star Wars: Who Will Be In The Cassian Andor Series Of Diego Luna?


Get Rogue One & # 39; it could bring your favorite fans from all parts of a larger franchise.

The Star Wars the galaxy can be prepared for an explosion from the past in more than one way.

On Thursday, Disney director Bob Iger announced that the upcoming Disnei + streaming service will have a new one Star Wars a series of live action starring Jane Luny's rebel spy Cassian Andor, first introduced on the big screen in 2016 Rogue One: The Story of Star Wars. It seems that Cassian Andor saw at the dawn of the rebellion was something that aroused the excitement of the fans, at least because of the opportunity to see one of the most interesting members of the Rebel Alliance in happier times.

The new series will not only have the chance to see more Cassian Andor, however, by placing a show between Revenge Sith i New hope, all types of video performances and roaming from existing ones Star Wars Characters will be possible. Here are five faces from the galaxy far, far away that should appear on a new series that joins Favreau Mandalorian as others Star Wars a series that comes to Disney +

If there is one of the existing characters Star Wars mythology should appear together with Cassian, it's his lucky robotic companion who played Alan Tudik in Rogue One: The Story of Star Wars. Depending on where the series will be held, Cassian may have already reprogrammed the Imperial Securiti Droid (an event already seen in the comic) and created its own Odd Couple-esque working arrangement. Depending on the cost of animating droids for each episode, the use of K-2 as a regular film for Andorra makes sense; after all, it's not as if Cassian is a particularly personal character in itself, and the subordinate droid makes it more appealing, charming lead. Plus … would not it be just more Star Wars-I?

Ahsoka Tano
Like bumping that Rogue One, the new series is probably set in the same time period as animated Star Wars: The Rebels, making all those shows crazy for predators in what would be their debut live. Of the many characters in the show, one particular deserves a video in the Cassiana series: Ahsoka Tano, who actually debuted in the earlier Clone Vars animated series, and since then was a solid favorite. Even better: In the existing mythology, around the period of the new series, Ahsoka was a secret informer of the rebel, working under the name of Fulcrum. Does not that just sound like someone who would be carried out by an intelligence agent like Cassian? For bonuses, it's worth remembering that Ahsoka and the former Jedi Padavan, and he could never hurt to have someone who knows how to use the light world on the show.

Grand Admiral Thaw
The original part of the expanded universe (now exposed), Thawl is brought to its official state Star Wars kanon u Star Wars: The Rebels animated series, as one of the rare non-people in a high position in the Empire – a sign that he is reckless and evil. Another longtime character who likes fans, Thalia has also appeared in two novels from Del Rei Books, as well as Marvel's comic book that offers a canonical version of his origins but never appeared in the live project yet. Commander of the Seventh Fleet, he is strong enough to act like a big loser of Cassian's entire series if the forces that would want to happen – and all they really could take would be a lot of dark blue bodies of the body and some red contact lens. But is he? Too Far from the Imperial Food Diet to do it on the show?

Darth Maul
The last minus reveals at the end Solo: A Story of Star Wars found that Darth Maul was the leader of the criminal empire in the period before the original Star Wars film, while the failure Solo at the box office meant we were unlikely to see any practices on the screen. Surely, it does – and the entire Crimson Dawn trade union – a fair play that will be explored elsewhere, and where is it better than the series set during the same time period and in the underground world to which the criminal union would succeed? Those who paid attention to Star Wars: The Rebels the series know that they have to reach the world of Malachora somehow; The only question is, how did this happen? If we were lucky, we might be able to get a closure for the entire Kiri beach in order to join Maul in the head of the table.

Enfis Nest
Another extra from Solo Mature for research is what happened to Enfis Nest, the leader of the pirate group that ends the film ready to start – or, at least, plays a significant role in – revolt. It's a canon that gave the stolen coffin from Sav Gerrera Rogue One, but what happened to Nest and her fellow Cloud Riders after that? There is a practical reason why nothing was said about the Enfis Nest after the event Solo – it has not been created until the latest film – but that does not mean that there can be no reason and stories in the universe about which it will apologize.

Rogue One: The Story of Star Wars

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