Monday , September 26 2022

The massive collection of # 1 email failure: what you need to know


Step 1: Do not be afraid, your good friend Things you will help in this dark moment. Now calm down, check if you have been pwned and change your passwords. Was there so bad?

If you have been registered in one of the many services that alert you about data breaches in your accounts, you may have received a disturbing email this morning. A massive infraction of email data has been compromised by the accounts 772.904.991, according to Troy Hunt.

Troy Hunt, who runs "I've been Pwned" (the great website that can notify you when your information has been compromised and will let you know which of these weak passwords you reuse for the entire site is # 39 ; they should be removed immediately) has found a hacker – it created a database of user names and passwords called "Collection # 1".

The deposit includes an unreliable amount of information, but Troy's boyfriend is based on himself to filter the information and find committed accounts and passwords.

Email notifications have already begun to compromise accounts: they come in batches, so even if you have not yet, there could be one in the post.

If you are paranoid (read: aware of the security), the user on the Internet and I would like to know as soon as possible, go to I have been put and enter your email address. This can be a good time to update all your passwords anyway.

And yes, we know that remembering a million strong and unique passwords is impossible, so we recommend that you use a passphrase manager such as LastPass, 1Password or Dashlane. This way you just have to remember a very good password and allow the service to generate monstrosity for everything else … the kind of monstrosity that will make the company of a company IT proud.

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