Wednesday , October 5 2022

The vice president of the BLF traveled during the attack on Soweto


An attack against the vice-president of Black First Land First says that early Saturday is politically motivated and not a criminal act, the movement has insisted.

An assault won the entrance to Soweto Square by Zanele Lwana of BLF at 2:00 PM and attacked it, spokeswoman Lindsay Maasdorp confirmed in a statement.

"[She] he fought back. During the fight, other comrades woke up and the intruder fled with two telephones, including the vice president, "said Maasdorp.

"The intruder tried to strangle the vice president, leaving it with a hurt neck and bruises on his arms. [We believe] that was … [an] They act to try to intimidate [Lwana] with the hope of receding it from presenting evidence to the Zondo Commission on state capture. "

Maasdorp said he hopes that Lwana will testify to the Zondo Commission on February 12.

"BLF will inform the committee about this attempt to intimidate the vice president of our movement. BLF warns all those involved in corruption to go back because nothing will prevent the BLF from sending evidence to Judge Zondo."

Maasdorp said the police had refused to leave charges because they needed serial numbers for cell phones and a J88 form that included their injuries.

"What's sad is that the police who was called to the scene of the crime was totally useless and refused to open a case."

Gauteng police spokesman, captain Kay Makhubela, said that when the officers arrived at the scene, it was found that the three women were under the influence of alcohol.

"They could not take their statements for that. They are welcome to come and open a case now [that they’re sober], "He said.

Maasdorp, however, "completely refuses" that they had become drunk.

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