Sunday , October 17 2021

The wedding of the beach was crowned with this year's wedding in Bashers weddings

Cape Town – 15 marriages later, the winning couple was announced at the seasonal end of The Wedding Bashers.

The first five weddings based on famous bash scores were: Megan and Jason's Wedding Beach Wedding, The elegant wedding of Heather and Rafal in the city of Wakkerstroom, Janine and Xander's romance in the wedding theme Harties, Danielle and Mario, and Wes and Sue Winter Wonderland. This year, the final decision was put into the hands of the spectators.

Port Alfred, Meg and Jason, with their beach wedding, won the best overall score of the famous clients Cindy Nell, Siba Mtongana, Denise Zimba and Zavion Kotze. The spectators agree with Basher, who dismisses the wedding of the couple at the wedding of the year.

The couple moved away with R250,000 M-Net cash, R100,000 in Jack Friedman's jewels and R80,000 five honeymoon in the Seychelles, courtesy of Constance Ephelia Seychelles and Air Seychelles.

Meg and Jason

The first 4 couples also received R30 000 in Jack Friedman's jewels.

Speaking of his victory at a press conference, the couple was surprised and overwhelmed.

Jason revealed that Meg only told him that he was admitted to the show when M-Net confirmed that they were selling their wedding.

On the reason he decided to enter the show, Meg said he impressed: he watched the first season and enjoyed it very well.

"When a friend told me that there will be a second season of the program, I thought why he did not come in and it would be fun," says Meg.

As for the big cash prize, the couple will use the money to pay for the wedding so they can eventually buy a home.


Each pair had a great experience during the shooting of the show.

"It was an incredible experience to have them there. We met the crew the day before and we developed a very soft spot for them. We knew it was fun to have them there was like having a couple of more friends at the wedding" , says Meg.

Speaking about the first five weddings, Zavion said that he could not be more exasperated by the weddings that made the top of the leading board.

"They all deserve to be here," said the decoration expert.

M-Net did not confirm whether it will be a third season of the popular show.

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