Sunday , October 17 2021

We are waiting to pay Makate an "important amount" – Vodacom

The Chief of Legal Affairs and Regulators of Vodacom, Nkate Nyoka, has stated that Vodacom expects to pay Nkosana Makate.

Makate is dedicated to the compensation of Vodacom for its participation in the deployment of the service Please Call Me, ordered by the Constitutional Court.

In a column Written by Nyoka, Vodacom is described as "willing to pay Mr. Makate, as soon as possible."

"For all accounts, it's a significant amount of money and a loss of budget for Mr. Makate," Nyoka said of the payment.

"Given the confidentiality agreement signed with Mr. Makate, we are forced to share information about the negotiations," he added.

Nyoka's statement looks like Vodacom faces a continuous attack From politicians and a lobby group to reach a mutually agreed solution on the subject "Please call".

Vodacom said earlier this month that its CEO had determined the amount of reasonable compensation payable to Makate, but Makate replied – Stating that he has not accepted anything and that "the amount that the CEO has determined is shocking and insulting."

Vodacom explained that the Order of the Constitutional Court that ordered him to pay Makate does not require him to accept the amount set by its CEO, and considers that the matter is closed.

Makate funds will be transferred as soon as they have their bank details, added Vodacom.

Politicians imply

This explanation was not good enough for local politicians, however, and The communication minister, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, told Vodacom for "just shut up" as a result.

He said that Vodacom should not "talk to us until it has reached an agreement" [Makate’s] team ".

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi also regretted and said that people should be next to "Nkosana" Please call Makate "against" this damn named Vodacom. "

The star of the mentioned Saturday Lesufi said that "Vodacom should not ignore" and "if they have not solved the problem before January 31", it will ensure that pressure is put on Vodacom.

Adding to the problems of Vodacom is the formation of the "Movement PleaseCallMe", directed by Modise Sekgothe.

It's threatening close Vodacom January 31 if you have not reached an agreement.

The movement, which claims to be against corporate harassment and consumer injustice, said that Vodacom owes Makate R70 billion for his idea of ​​"Call me".

"Join us as we will be closing Vodaworld in search of justice for Nkosana Makate," says his steering wheel.

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