Sunday , February 28 2021

Why Harry and Meghan will spend Valentine's Day apart?

Kensington Palace announced on Monday that Prince Harry will be in Norway on February 14, which means that the duke and duchess of Sussex will spend the first days of Valentine's Day as a married couple.

Harry will be at Bardufoss in Norway to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the "Operation Clockwork" operation, which saw the helicopters operating for the first time at the Arctic Circle.

Meghan, who is pregnant with the first child of the couple, recently revealed that he must come to April.

Meanwhile, the Palau also revealed recently that it has been forced to intensify dramatically the efforts to police its official social media accounts after having been bombarded with vile abuses over Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex, informs Daily Mail.

Assistants spend hours a week folding through Instagram and Twitter accounts to make moderate comments after having discovered hundreds of messages, many of them racist and sexist, who were left in your feeds

They also use automated tools to eliminate the most hostile and offensive comments.

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