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▷ Have you seen the new one that has Windows One? You can not lose 【update】


After the creation of Windows 10 in the year 2015, Microsoft has decided to launch a minimalist and optimized version of this oneKnown as Windows One, it is essentially a free version that Microsoft presents to its users, and also a much faster version that will not have certain features.

Windows One

Have you seen the new one that has Windows One? You can not miss it
Find out about all the news that comes with Windows One.

Microsoft decides to launch this operating system for several reasons, the main one is that of Unite multiple images that are within your conglomerateAs they are, onedrive and Xbox One, after a brief exposure, Microsoft launches the trial version by means of Insider where a series of test users were selected.

But that brings us Windows One again, being an optimized version does not feature certain features of Windows 10, with the intention of making it faster, the highlight is the clock, Since according to Microsoft studies users do not spend hours or minutes observing deciding to take it away.

Now that you have removed this accessory, Windows One comes with a great change, though Get more fluidityWhat Microsoft is looking for, which is mainly an operating system that works almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you have taken this very seriously, how?

Microsoft decide to remove the button off to the Windows One operating systemAs well as a series of orders to get there, it was already determined that the operating system had a very high optimization, starting and with excellent fluidity at the moment it was operational.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that, as it is a free version, It does not have a series of features, such as those that are granted by Windows 10 Home and Pro, All the features and features that carry these updates, you will not be able to see them in Windows One.

In the same way, being a free Microsoft version at the time of installing It forces you to see a series of YouTube ads and videos at the time you perform the installationAs well as conducting a series of surveys for them, all of this will be done as long as the Windows One installation process is in progress.

In its version, which is currently as is the test, It will not show us any sign that your wallpaper is totally black, Like your cursor, here you think, as you will see the cursor, then you will have to use the keys Control + Win + $, And your cursor was shown, but it will no longer be black, but a mini Steve Ballmer.

Another feature, which does not have Windows One, will be the trash, as you read it Trash, Microsoft decided to remove this feature, Pointing out that, if users have a free version, they can not afford to be eliminating things from the Windows One operating system.

Microsoft decide to maintain many features such as the collection of personal data, And more errors in updating, since to solve these would lose the Windows 10 essence, therefore, have decided to keep it, it is expected that formally appears Windows One # 1 of # 39; April 2019.

Have you seen the new one that has Windows One? You can not miss it

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