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A 4-year-old girl died from Influenza A in Mar del Plata: she was vaccinated


Mauricio Besteiro, head of the provincial health agency in Mar del Plata, said that the case "is an exception", since the small "was vaccinated against the flu and was not in a group of risk ".

In this context, the official said that he is currently conducting a PCR study to determine what type of flu, whether H1N1 or H3N2 "is the one that caused the decease.

The chief executive of Sanitary Zone VIII explained that the girl began to have symptoms last Thursday, was treated at Matern and entered Saturday at mornings until Monday after a heart disease died .

"The case has an unusual virulence, it is an exception that covers the rule because the girl had the vaccination a day and was healthy," said Besteiro, who added that the case "is the first in the Health Zone VIII, which covers a population of 1,400,000 people while in the province of Buenos Aires there have been 13 deaths in 2019, which is taken from May until now. "I do not consueloLa niña concurred at the initial level of Colegio Nueva Pompeia, where on Tuesday there was no class for mourning. The small child was admitted to the Children's Maternity Hospital.

In the last hours of Monday, through a statement, the Colegio Nueva Pompeya, located in Maipú at 4000, expressed through social networks.

"Unfortunately, we inform you that on the day of today an initial level student died, so that on the morning of Tuesday, July 16, the school will remain closed for duel at all levels. We accompany the Our prayer among the whole community to the family at this difficult time, "they have indicated.

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