Friday , October 7 2022

A developer created an app that forces your child to answer the calls


Tired of not receiving your calls from your child, a developer created one Application that can be the solution that many parents are looking for.

It's an app for Android computers that simply forces the receiver to respond. To do this, send a message that blocks the recipient's screen and what it is only unlocked when responding.

The tool has other useful functions for parents. For example, it causes the alerts to sound even when the phone is muted. In addition, the sender receives the recipient's location.

The name of this invention is Reply ASAP and it already surpassed the 100 thousand downloads in Google Play. It should be noted that "ASAP" are abbreviations that of "as soon as possible", Sort of"as soon as possible".

A good idea that was not saved from criticism

"The idea was born of personal frustrations with current messaging applications after I bought my son, Ben, a phone. But what I thought was a solution turned into a different problem," said Nick Herbert, the creator of this solution.

And he added: "When I try to contact him, he rarely respondsEither because he does not listen to the phone or because (and finally I had to admit) he may feel embarrassed to talk to his father when he is with his friends. There are messaging apps that show when it arrives and when you have read a message, but the point is that the message can be ignored or not seen. "

before the Criticisms about possible use of this application in pairs and other types of relationships that are not between parents and children, the British developer said that "the app should not impose and there must have been an agreement between the two people "who use it. In this sense, Herbert explained that in the development of the app his son participated.

In Google Play, the store of applications for computers with Android, it is indicated that the ReplyASAP is only available in English. However, they promise that a version in Spanish will be released soon.

What happens in iOS? Some features of the app are not in the Apple policies for their applications. In this regard, Herbert said that he works in an edition that finally allows him, too, to reach the iPhone.

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