Wednesday , September 28 2022

A diet to feed the world | The proposal of …


The British medical journal The Lancet He published the proposal for a new diet, designed by thirty scientists from 16 countries. It was christened "the planetary health diet" and proposes a change in eating habits in order to preserve life on the planet. The highlight is the almost total elimination of meat in the diet, in a world that will reach 10 billion people in thirty years.

The diet raises that if a person eats meat every day, it should limit their intake to no more than one hamburger per week or one xurrasco per month. Scientists suggest that plants are the origin of the proteins to be consumed. For this reason it is recommended to eat new and legumes every day. And the fruits and vegetables should constitute half the daily diet.

According to the research published in The LancetThis will prevent the death of eleven millions of people per year, in relation to the reduction of illnesses due to unhealthy diet, heart attacks, strokes and various forms of cancer.

For researchers, the diet, which can be used to feed more people, goes hand in hand with the reduction in gas emissions, which avoids the extinction of spices and the water is preserved. Although this does not come up: they suggest halving food waste and increasing the production of agricultural food.

According to scientists, daily diet should be the way

New: 50 grams.

Chickpeas, lentils and other pulses: 75 grams.

Fish: 28 grams.

Eggs: 13 grams (one per week).

Meat: 14 grams of red meat and 29 grams of chicken.

Carbohydrates: 232 grams of whole grains (such as bread and rice) and 50 grams of starch-rich vegetables.

Dairy products: 250 grams (equivalent to a glass of milk).

Vegetables: 300 grams.

Fruits: 200 grams.

Sugar: 31 grams.

Oil: 50 grams.

For Walter Willet, from Harvard University, there would be no problem getting used to it. On the diet he proposed next to his colleagues, he said that "there is a tremendous variety there" and that it can be combined "in thousands of different ways", and at the same time has remarked that "we are not talking about a deprivation diet ", but of # 39; "a healthy, flexible and pleasant diet".

What changes should be made to implement "the planetary health diet"? America and Europe should cut red meat in a massive way; South-East Asia should dispense with the fish; and Africa did the same with regard to starch vegetables.

"Humanity has never tried to change the food system at this scale and speed," said Line Gordon, a professor at the Resilience Center in Stockholm, where he coordinated the diet plan. "Whether it's a fantasy or not, a fantasy should not be bad, it's time to dream of a better world," he said, regarding the initiation that gathered 37 scientists.

Among those who participated were experts in agriculture, nutrition and climate change. His research work took them two years. The sense of the recommended diet is, no less, to save lives. The world reached 7 billion people in 2011 and today it is estimated that there are 77 billion. By 2050 the figure would be around 10 billion. With that the feed of this amount becomes a first order problem.

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