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A four-year-old girl died of influenza A and tried to tipify the virus «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata»


one four year old girl He died on Monday for influenza A in the Matern Child hospital, due to a respiratory tract complex, and specialists try to determine what type of influenza to contract.

The minor, who went to the initial level of the New School Pompeii, entered the hospital in the afternoon of Sunday "With very serious septic picture" so it had to be transferred immediately to the area of ​​intensive therapy. Despite attempts by doctors to stabilize it, the girl died on Monday night.

For these moments, the hospital is being confirmed to confirm that the picture that triggered the death was caused by the influenza A virus. The diagnosis was a myocarditis that, although it is an infrequent complication of the Influence is described among the possibilities.

In dialogue with LA CAPITAL, the pediatric epidemiologist pediatrician of Maternidad Infantil, Analía RearteHe assured that the deceased was one "Unexpected Fatality" and avoided alarm: "The influenza A virus circulates every year, it is not pandemic ".

"What happened to this girl is still a determining factor because she did not have any risk factors, she did not have a vaccination indication. As we learned, I had only started with some symptoms on Saturday, but nothing out of the ordinary, attention, "the doctor said.

"The minor did not have a vaccination indication. Join in on Sunday at the already serious, skeptical hospital, which is when you have a widespread infection. At that time, no influence is thought of because there was no clear flu symptoms, but it was with a generalized demoralization, "he added.

Within the framework of the protocol of action, several studies were carried out, including the one of influenza, which ended up giving positive.

"There are two ways to diagnose influenza. In a band, a fast panel is made in the hospital with a technique called immunofluorescence, which only lets know if it is an influenza or no, and he gave us that he was influenza A. Now this sample was sent to National Institute of Epidemiology, Where will be made another technique more specific, called PCR, that allows to know what type of influenza A is. In addition, INE sent some samples to the United States to do a more profound genetic analysis, "explained the specialist.

For the sake of clarity, Rearte clarified: "Influenza and flu are the same. Flu viruses have different subtypes. The first major division is between influenza A i influenza B. Within influenza A or influenza A there is another division that is more influenza A H1N1 or influenza To H3N2. The H1N1 is influenza A which everyone is afraid of because it was the one that generated the pandemic in 2009 and, in fact, It is no longer pandemic because it is circulating every year. Sometimes more H1 times more H3 ".

"At this moment," he continued, "at country level, what is happening is that, of all circulating viruses, more or less 12% is an influence. And this influence, the vast majority is A – just 2% is B-, Predominantly the H1N1. One thing that is expected, since it is the seasonal influence that we have every year. "

In this regard, Rearte insisted: "Influenza A is seasonal that usually causes more serious illnesses among those with risk factors, although it can cause exceptional situations such as what happened with this girl. Therefore, the recommendation is that only Those who have risk factors or have it indicated will go to the health centers to apply the vaccine. You do not need to leave all desperate to vaccinate, What happened was an unexpected fatality. "

The girl attended the children's garden at the Nova Pompeii School. On Monday, the institution lamented the deceit through its Facebook page and suspended classes by duel today at all levels.

"Unfortunately, we inform you that on the day of today an initial level student died, so that on the morning of Tuesday, July 16, the school will remain closed for duel at all levels. We accompany the Our prayer among the whole community to the family in this difficult moment "They have indicated.

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