Saturday , April 17 2021

Alan suffered the robbery of his shirt and Ponzio gave him a new one. | River Plate


Franco Formoso

12:37 p.m.

They spent some days since January 20, a day in which we learned that Alan suffered the theft of the shirt that Leonardo Ponzio gave at the Santa Catalina Clinic. Who is this guy? A River follower who is interned more than a year ago caused a brain injury (which prevents him from communicating) caused after a traffic accident.

However, And beyond that thieves did not return the sacred mantleThis boy already has a new relic in his hands. In the last hours, Leon approached the institution where Alan is to give him a new coat.

From the boy's environment, the family was grateful to the Captain of the Millionaire in words that were very felt: "Thanks to the infinite Leo Ponzio, your human quality is admirable. Today Alan not only received your shirt signed by all the players of River, but your caresses, your words, your interest, your support, your affection".

We always say that River transcends football, goes beyond this plan and unites families with one heart. And this week it was proved once again.

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