Sunday , April 11 2021

Alfredo Casero scored strong against Enrique Pinti | Show diary

The 2018 was not an optimal year for the pocket of the average citizen. The dollar climbed almost 40, the prices went through the clouds and the vast majority adjusted its economy to reach the end of the month. For that, many showers came to show their disagreement and their complaints, mainly in the freedom of their social networks, where everyone expressed.

On this occasion, Enrique Pinti he commented in an interview with Rodrigo Lussich for Pop Radio: "Mand the water arrives at the neck ", Sliding a complaint to the Government of Mauricio Macri due to the high prices, the focus of the crisis that touched on the country.

"I was scared of the social situation of the people who were stripped or lacked work. I was hurt as a citizen, but it did not come to me, even in the time of menemism or the Kirchnerism, I saw that everything was disaster, but the tickets were coming in and I said, that's a lot, but I can pay"The story continued with his humorist and added:"This is the first time, maybe because it's getting worse, and I'm scared, not when the light and gas tickets arrive. The prepaid, that I have a good prepayment, that I took off the "83 year" and I have the best plan; I received 39,000 pesos plus the insulin I use, which is imported because the diabetic was sent to me, because I can use it, I get 36,000 pesos per month. "

The truth is that in addition to recognizing that he is not doing well in his theatrical show "Athe bottom, the right " , Which presented at the Multiteatro Comafi and the Atlantic coast, sent controversial figures on the insulin it requires for its health chart. However, the fans jumped up and down Alfredo Casolà, faithful to his spicy style, he became involved in the polemic stoning, since he recently showed an absolute defense stance at the official.

One of the users called "mentir" to Pinti and explained that by Diabetic Law in Argentina, all insulin-dependent patients have 100% coverage. In front of that, Casero asked: "Is it like that? " and added to his Twitter: "It's a real Cagueta." Spicy


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