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All against Carlos Tevez in Boca – 2019.01.29

He was the town player, but today he only picks up criticisms of those same followers who once venerated him. He remains the captain of the team, although some of his colleagues are surprised by the statements he gave in the last hours. It is the greatest reference for Daniel Angelici, although close to the president they are they want.

Carlos Tévez criticized Guillermo Schelotto Mud and, just a handful of hours of his media bombs, he went to Món Boca against. People break it into social networks and The leaders are angry at their disastrous appearance on Monday. he twinIn the meantime, he sent from the United States, where he directs to Los Angeles Galaxy, which "For now" It will not exit at the Fort Apache front crossing.

Carlos Tevez and Guillermo Fangs Schelotto, when they were still together in Boca (EFE).

Carlos Tevez and Guillermo Fangs Schelotto, when they were still together in Boca (EFE).

Gustavo Alfaro, for his part, plans to give him a break, although the technician's decision does not go through punishment: the Super League champion must play two games in four days. In this sense, Mauro Zárate would be headlining against Sant Martí, Thursday at San Juan, and Tevez could be back to the match Sunday, before Godoy Cruz, at the Chocolate box.

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"What is the need for this? It's a time when we have to collaborate. There is nothing criticizing Guillermo now," he said Bugler a leader "You have to play, win and ask for forgiveness. People do not want this drill," another member of the Board of Directors charged. Nicolás Burdisso, the manager, did not like it either.

The first central scoreboard and partner of Tevez a Boca and in the Selection wants low profile. Without going any further, Sunday before the game against Newell's, he used these words to refer to the controversy generated by Antonio Mohamed, who assured that Burdisso had been the only obstacle to up to the blue and gold giant: "Do not waste energy in polemics." Indeed, the one who does not want the technical secretary is an internal conflict.

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¿Tévez went out to shoot against Guillermo to divert the focus of attention to one of his worst moments at the club? Its performance is below the expectations that Gustavo Alfaro had. The new technician empowered him, though Carlitos He is far from putting on Superman's coat as in his best times.

Guillermo considered "A problem" The presence of Tévez because it divided a dresser that historically was burdened with egos and because it never returned to be the same after its passage through Shanghai Shenhua of China. The followers let the plant pass when he decided to return. But he fell very badly that he shook his resentments at this stage of reconstruction. You just have to review some of the thousands of comments on Twitter, where #Tevez was a trending topic.

Alfaro, meanwhile, tried to stay away from this controversy. And he started preparing the team to play Thursday against Sant Martí, a pending match for the twelfth date that Boca postponed for his participation in the Copa Libertadores. And the question that everyone was doing well at the Yellow House, when the squad returned to the practice, it was if Carlitos would be the starter.

The level that Zárate showed in the second half, when the team was more fluent in the game, invited the questions. Especially, because 72 hours after the shock with Sanjuaninos, the current bingo of Argentine football will receive Godoy Cruz de Mendoza. And in principle, Tévez would leave his place to the former idol of Vélez as part of a rotation which would also include the exits of Wilmar Barris and Darío Benedetto. Their positions would be occupied by Nahitan Nandez, who decided to continue in the club, and Ramón Wanchope Abila.

And what will happen if Zárate breaks it against San Martín, how did Sunday go to Rosario? This will be another story, of course.

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