Thursday , March 4 2021

An Argentine actress revealed a romance with Luis Miguel: "He is the sadest person I knew"

The Argentine actress and singer Patricia Saran revealed that she had a romance with singer Luis Miguel a few years ago.

Ran, who achieved great fame in the 80's, spoke for the online KZO program on the link with the Mexican interpreter.

He assured that "The Sun" wanted that she would not live with him in MexicoBut he did not accept the proposal. He also did not accept bids for making soap operas in Mexico, because he considered that he would not adapt to a different lifestyle than his country.

He clarified that when he had a bond with Luis Miguel he was not married and he spent two years in contact with the interpreter before he asked him to go to Mexico.

Passaran commented that the singer had a life with many problems.

"The most sad person I met in my life is Luis Miguel. It has a tremendous life story. We talked a lot. I had moments of a lot of depression. He had a life too complicated, with a lot of success. "

In the face of the annoyance that caused their statements, Saran commented on his Instagram account:

"I never did my career based on any romance. It's not my style … I'm singing Pura Passion to you tube and I do not like scandals."

Just this week, Venezuelan actress and model Alicia Machado said that his love story with Luis Miguel will appear in the second season of the series of the singer and it seems that she has no problems with the subject.

During his visit to the Mexican TV show "Come joy", Machado spoke about his romance with the interpreter.

"We were very young, it was a very beautiful time, fun, they'll see it. He really has it in my book."

Machado defined his story with "The Sun" as something in the style of "The Cinderella" and recalled that the singer was very supportive when she had serious problems with Donald Trump.

Who does not want to appear in the series about the singer is Aracely Arámbula, mother of two children of "El Sol".

"I would prefer that nothing came out. He can take everything he wants before knowing us and my children. Of course my name can not go there. No one in your office has come to ask me, I am not involved, I do not care either. But I do not want my children to come out, although they are part of their history but there are things that must be respected, "he said in an interview last year.

The romances that were already seen in the singer's series were with Mariana Yazbek, Stephanie Sales and Issabela Camil.

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