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Andr Silva: "We want to do great things"


he Sevilla It is one of the teams that most surprised during this season of # 39; Laliga de España. The club you order Pau Machn He is one of the best game casters throughout the seventeen dates that have been developed so far. With 32 points, the white box is placed in the third position of the local tournament, at four units of the Barcelona, Which leads the classification of the domestic competition.

Andr SilvaForward Portuguese who arrived at the entity in the month of July has a lot to do with the good moment of the nervous set. In an interview with the newspaper Marca, the attacker referred to his good time in Seville. "I feel very well in Seville and I am very happy to be here. From the first day I arrived I felt very well because my colleagues received me. It was before I arrived here that I had the trust of the teacher and This also made me very happy ", he began explaining Lusitanian.

Also, Silva expressed himself about the possibilities that Andalusia's team has of conquering Laliga from Spain. "I, individually, can say that I am very much in the team and that I am really looking forward to finishing the highest possible level. I feel that our team is very focused and we want to do great things. What do you know? We are working to make things go in the best possible way. We are improving and we are trying to do it. In the end we will see how we can fight, "said the 23-year-old striker.

However, the ex-footballer from Porto knows that in the competition of rivals such as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid are very strong: "Barcelona and these other big clubs are very good and they are very much Big. Laliga, with Bara, Real and Atlético, is very difficult, but we are here in passing, we are playing soccer to peel up. We want to do great things. "

The Portuguese came to the cast mattress as a prstec from the Milan from Italy. However, the Spanish box may pay the purchase option, which is 38 million euros. On his future, Andr manifested: "The truth is that the future is not what I am doing now. It is fighting Sevilla, doing the best for me the sevillistas. I'm happy, I'm happy and the future no one You know, I've said many times that I feel good here and I'm happy, but what happens outside the field no longer me. I'm just thinking about training and games. "

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