Sunday , October 17 2021

Android Q will reset the background queries in the background


A few days ago it was leaked Android Q; The next version of the Google operating system for mobile devices is already under development and little by little we know details about the changes it will take. There will be positive developments for users, as the arrival of the dark way; but we can already move on that not everything will be good. Yet Google I had modified Android for Limit access to the location on the part of apps that are running on background, This function go back to.

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all the Android Q news that we are seeing in the coming weeks they are likely to change, Obviously, because we talk about developing versions yet. In any case, most of them new features and features they tend to stay The last leak around this new version points to that Location data may be consulted by background apps. A problem not only for the privacyor at least one risk-, But also for the autonomy on Android.

Android Q will allow apps to check your location in the background, even when we're not using them

In XDA they found one new Android Q license with the text & # 39; Android.permission, ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION & # 39;And the behavior of it is what we said. The applications, if granted this permission, will have always access to the location, Even when they are not running –in the foreground-. In short, this is a reversal, because previous versions of Android they already allowed to do that And that's why threats of malware like Cerberus They could cause problems to users of the mobile operating system.

In those days we have also learned that Google will imitate & # 39; Face ID on Android Q; and the analysis of this developing version of Android Q It has also allowed us to see the mobile operating system will block access to the clipboard on the part of applications that are being run in the background. This last one should favor security, while the change relative to the access to the location may be a problem. Obviously, the best solution is for users to be careful about the # 39; grant permissions location access –And others- during the installation or the use of certain applications.

written by Carlos González

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