Friday , July 30 2021

As amazing as it sounds, Monster Hunter Rise is a day off reason in Japan for a company

The head of a Japanese tech company has decided that the whole company will be free on Friday so he can play at home.

In Japan they are special and some of their practices give us healthy envy. A day off to play your favorite video game? This is the initiative launched by the CEO of an Eastern country technology company, who has announced that he will give it to his employees next Friday so that they can enjoy Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch without having to perform the their labor obligations.

Several employees asked for the day off and the boss has decided to give it to the whole companyThe participant in this initiative is Masaki Hiyama, Which runs the Mark-on virtual reality development company. The manager posted a tweet commenting on this original measure. Apparently, it is common for many Japanese workers to take the day off when a new installment of the popular Capcom saga comes out. Therefore, it has decided to go further and has declared the next March 26, the launch date of the game, as the “MonHun Free Day”, So your employees can stay home playing.

Media outlets such as Huffington Post Japan have indicated that Hiyama sent an email to his employees to warn of this holiday that has been rolled up his sleeve from the work calendar. “March 26 will be the release date for Monster Hunter Rise, and since we are expected to be unable to concentrate on our work“I’m going on a MonHun vacation this day.”

Hiyama himself explains to the media that several employees asked him for the day off because they couldn’t wait any longer to play Monster Hunter Rise. The saga is one of the most popular in Japan and, as they wanted to enjoy the game quietly and there were several who asked for this, the boss of this technology company decided to give the whole day off to the whole company. “We received words of gratitude and recognition from the employees for giving them this day off,” he says.

Monster Hunter Rise is here

Although on the rest of the planet it is not considered a holiday, it is spiritually due to the expectation generated by Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch, Which will give us a free open region to explore and hunt creatures, being able to move around the stages quickly thanks to the ‘ cablebicho, An object that can also be used in battles. If you want to know more, here are all the details.

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