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Assault for Swedish tourist: the detainee's father said his son robbed him and resigned his job – 2019.01.18


The news destroyed him and also caused a lot of surprise to the company he works for. The father of the detainee for assault on Swedish tourist Christoffer Persson (36) He presented himself this morning Friday in his work and resigned. It was after Thursday night that the Police arrested his son and kidnapped the act used in the robbery.

This car, a Peugeot 207 silver gray is on behalf of a company for which a 73-year-old man works. The employee was a supervisor of the construction company and, for his work, he was mobilizing with the company act.

The detained boy is 22 years old.

The detained boy is 22 years old.

As you may know Bugler, The man he took vacations from any day until this Monday. This opportunity would have been taken advantage of by his son, who would have a problem with addictions, and he used the act to step out to steal. "The man said that the guy pulled out the car without his permission. At the same time it is inexplicable for someone to steal with a car shot with the name of a company in a place full of cameras. a traffic light, very easy to track, "he said Bugler a source of the case.

The tragic assault was committed on December 30 in Tacuarí at 400, in the Buenosairean district of Monserrat. An assailant got off Peugeot 207, He tried to steal his cell phone to the tourist and he hit a shot. Hours later the victim suffered the amputation of his right leg.

It was precisely thanks to the images recorded by public and private security cameras that the researchers could do with the act. First they noticed that in the vehicle there was a white helmet. Then, with the improvement of the image of the patent and the Digital Ring of the City of Buenos Aires, they could identify the car.

With the individual act, Attorney Marcelo Retos of the National Criminal Prosecutor's Office No. 60 asked to find out if the car had a satellite tracker. I had it, though it was disabled. Then, they asked the tracking company to activate the geolocalizador and that's how the Police found the car at the door of a house in Sarandí, in Avellaneda.

In the act it was still the white helmet that the researchers had noticed in the video of the tourist assault. What the Police could determine is that the days after the tourist's assault was handled by a young man, who turned out to be the son of the supervisor of the company he was in name the car.

With all these evidences, the prosecutor yesterday demanded the arrest of Rodrigo Armando Peláez (22), which was granted by the judge of instruction Alfredo Godoy, who subrogated in the judicial fair to the Criminal and Correctional Court 60.

Christoffer Persson suffered the amputation of his right leg. This Friday he returned to Sweden. (Rubén DiGilio)

Christoffer Persson suffered the amputation of his right leg. This Friday he returned to Sweden. (Rubén DiGilio)

At Peláez the researchers point out how the thief who was driving the act from which he lowered the attacking Baleo to Christoffer in bed. At noon, the detainee refused to declare this in front of Judge Godoy, according to legal sources informed Telam.

The suspect was held accused of aggression exacerbated by injuries. It was also known that Peláez is fulfilling 1 probation for another assault, For which he had to appear every month at the Board of the Liberated of Buenos Aires, and would have more background in the Province. In the Federal Capital, he was arrested on the # 24th commissary on January 9 of last year for a "parador inquiry" required by a Buenos Aires court, according to sources in the case confirmed Bugler.

The news took everyone by surprise to the company that owns the ownership of the act. They learned from the same employee that he was presented this afternoon to put his resignation at e disposal "Clarify what is necessary". The man, who returned Monday on his vacation, would have indicated that his son is a drug addict and that during his vacation, the young man took the car without his permission.

"We are all very shocked. He is a great person, trusted and with a lot of experience. He had retired and returned to work. This left him in the middle," said a company in the company.

Bugler He tried to communicate with Peláez's father, who preferred not to give statements about the arrest of his son.

The police are trying to deal with two other suspects, among those who are assaulting Baleo in Christoffer to steal his cell phone and a third accomplice who was accompanying Peugeot 207.

The assault took place on the last Sunday of 2018 at 22.20, when the Swedish tourist walked Tacuarí to 400, to a square on July 9 in Monserrat, with his girlfriend Maria Izzo. The couple stopped to check the map in the cellphone of Christoffer when behind them a gray Peugeot 207 appeared, as can be seen in a video recorded by a security camera in the block.

This act brought down an armed assailant, who was wearing a cap, and tried to take Christoffer's phone. During the onslaught, the offender pointed at the tourist's head, so that the victim ran the weapon to one side and it was here that they shot him.

Then, the thief escaped back to the car, where it is believed that two other accomplices were waiting: one on the driver's seat and the other on the driver's seat.

The man was helped by people who went through the place and a neighbor who practiced a tourniquet. So he held out until the ambulance arrived and he moved to the Argerich Hospital.

Finally, they had to amputate the right leg to save their lives, a product of the serious injuries caused by the trait they received.

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