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at the age of 75 José Ignacio “Pol” De Lizaso died

To the 75 years died today the necochense Jose Ignacio “Pol” D’Lizaso, historical referring one of the time sea bream of the basketball of the Bahiense Association.

The former Olympian was part of the iconic trident that made this sport great in our city, along with Alberto Pedro Cabrera and Atilio José Fruet.

“There is not a day that I don’t think of Lito or Beto; the truth that I miss them …”, he had told La Nova days ago. the day of his birthday (born February 20, 1946, in a field near the town of Energy).

It arrived at Olimp the 10 from March from 1964, coming from the Rivadavia club of Necochea and to integrate the aurinegro establishment of Cadets.

A play that was a seal of the Black: penetration, at all costs.

Given its conditions and profile of solid player for the bounce, seasoned and with quota of points, a month after its arrival was summoned for the Bahian selected one. Also it drew attention to Buenos Aires, from where they summoned to the selected Argentine major in 1966.

He obtained multiple local, provincial and national titles with the selected ones mentioned. He even played international matches with Olimp in our city.

Oscar Morán and the story of a photo that sums up an era.

It secured nine championships with Olimp, 10 provincial contests with White Bay-eight Argentineans with the combined one of Buenos Aires.

With the selected Argentine it disputed 26 parties and it wrote down a total of 185 points. It disputed the Extraordinary World-wide one in Chile (1966), the Glass of the World Uruguay 1967 and was participant of the equipment that obtained the South American 1973 in Bogota, Colombia, next to Goatherd and Fruit

The Black De Lizaso, also known as Polo, was strong in physique and character. He came to practice as a winger (1m87), with physical power to fight the highest in the area painted from a classic in his game: penetration into the hoop.

The emblematic photo with Lito Fruet, in the final of the Provincial of 1970.

The last time he matched in an official match with Fruet and Cabrera was on Friday, February 8, 1974. That night Olimp defined the local title against Estudiantes, which he beat in game 2 by 52 to 50, and was the day Lito announced his retirement. Surprisingly, at the end of the meeting.

De Lizaso decided to put an end to his career in January 1975. Forced, in large part, by a knee injury that had him misbehaving. Here he decided to return to Necochea.

In the last hours, respiratory problems aggravated the picture of a disease to which it came giving battle.

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