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Atlus anticipates new features about Person in 2019


The registration of new domains related to person It can be just a sign of what's coming for the franchise, since Atlus He has confirmed that they are "preparing something." This was stated by Katsura Hashino, a member of Studio ZeroThe team is in charge of Catherine and several Personal submissions, in addition to stating that they are working on a completely new RPG that has not been announced.

A new IP in the hand of Atlus

This new RPG, according to Hashino, is neither "nor Person nor Shin Megami Tensei. I think it will be a different game than what you've always done. Team trust increases as time goes by, we're Quiet and we are having fun during the process, "he says, not leaving many details about this new game. Likewise, Hashino anticipates what he expects will be a success for Atlus, which is nothing else Catherine: Full Body, The reedition of one of the best puzzles games of the past generation.

"Before this RPG we will launch Catherine: Full Body, a great story with new scenarios," says Hashino. " From novices to veteran players, I think a great range of players can enjoy it, "he concludes, reiterating that it is about" One of the great hopes of Studio ZeroAnd I feel a completely recommendable game for fans of the puzzles.

However, players are expectant about what has to come related to Person. "We are preparing various things by 2019, including the concert at Ryougoku Kokugikan. Everyone is giving everything, so please continue to give us your support," says Hashino, who obviously still can not talk about what it is in which they are working The presence of Joker, protagonist of Person 5, in Super Smash Bros UltimateIt has skipped the alarms about a possible conversion of this fun JRPG for Nintendo Switch, something that, although possible, is not mere speculation at the moment.

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