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Axel Kicillof: “We are preparing a battery of m …

“The new strains, especially the one in Manaus, come by plane or through the borders and we already detected people with the variant of Manaus in the province of Buenos Aires, in the City as well. What I mean is that the increase of the cases in the last week was explosive, “said Buenos Aires Province Governor Axel Kicillof. What he didn’t say, what he still can’t say in public but he was able to know PageI12 is that the governor believes that the need to do something quickly that slows down the contagion curve is imposed. Something hard for a few weeks, to then dance with the openings and closings to the rhythm imposed by the pandemic. Which is, as everyone knows by now, absolutely unpredictable.

“We will already introduce the same night restriction that the City of Buenos Aires has and reduce from 20 to 10 people the amount that private meetings can do, even if they are difficult to control,” the governor of Buenos Aires told Radio 10. “No “I spoke to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta this Sunday, but I spoke to Alberto and we are evaluating the most relevant measures. The idea is to prevent the growth of infections until new vaccines arrive,” he added.

The truth is that beyond what covid has, the President, the head of government of Buenos Aires and the governor of the province of Buenos Aires are constantly talking to try to agree on measures to cut off the movement of people carrying the virus while waiting for the arrival of vaccines. Something that is not at all easy because the economy is in a delicate state and any restrictions would affect it, but the President has already said that if necessary, the Government would again take advantage of the Emergency Family Income (IFE) that went implement at the beginning of the pandemic, when for a time the closure of the economy had to be total and there was no way that almost anyone would generate their income. “I think there is already a complete agreement with the City and the Nation,” a senior official told this newspaper.

The problem now, more than a year later, is to convince the Buenos Aires head of government that he must give in to his refusal to impose further restrictions. Especially considering that the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is the one that has more cases and that immediately pass to the AMBA, so you can not think separately from the province. Kicillof knows this, but he is prudent. He said the three estates are working on a battery of measures that will be announced in due course and refused to feed the “conventillo” who says they want to arm some means to generate the feeling that there will be no possible agreement on how to deal with the second onada.

new measures

“We are trying to coordinate measures because where the contagion grows is in the AMBA. There is a battery of measures, I can’t advance them. The portals are setting up a conventillo. I don’t see it as a tender with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. Larreta expressed it to me, Alberto expressed it to me, “said Kicillof. The hope of the provincial authorities is to increase the rate of vaccination: they say they are vaccinating more and faster and are convinced of the importance of vaccinating as soon as possible to people at high risk and expect to be immunized. . However, they have a concern when they look at Chile: the health system of the Trans-Andean country collapsed due to the contagion of the youngest. “It’s not easy,” an official told the newspaper.

But the pandemic was never easy and that cannot immobilize the actors who make the decisions. “We are gathering our experience and international because strong action is being taken around the world and vaccination is moving forward,” said Governor Kicillof, who warned of contagion in schools. “We are having cases of covid in schools so we need to be very vigilant,” he commented.

“On Saturday I had a meeting in which we decided to continue with the system of phases according to municipality, but knowing that the virus enters through the City of Buenos Aires,” he explained, in clear reference to the fact that the decisions taken will fall in a perforated bag if they do not agree with the City.

“This weekend was especially complex and is noticeable at 148, which is the line people call who feel they have covid-compatible symptoms,” the governor said. And he added: “The problem is that it starts to mix with the first colds, the first mucus, it swabs the boys and it turns out it’s not covid. But there’s a lot of covid,” the governor concluded, who will meet with its team of experts to define a plan to coordinate with City and Nation.

In the province, they estimate that they can finish vaccinating the older ones in 70 to 10 days and then go for 1,000,000 doses for those between 60 and 69 years old.

But the challenge is for vaccination to beat the coronavirus race and any decision is dilemma. Doing and not doing have high costs, it’s about doing damage control. As so far science has not been able to verify that someone is returning from death and the popular saying says that it is the only one that has no solution, grow the versions that hurt him, if the numbers continue to rise, the Government will take stronger action. As journalist Eduardo Aliverti says in his column today, the belief that the majority of the population would not be willing to abide by it is not verified in public opinion polls: it is an intense minority that is believed to be the majority that would be against a new strict quarantine.

On the other hand, it should be noted that even if you look at them, this is not a government that governs through polls. But for anxiety to go down alongside uncertainty, not much is missing. The government is in discount time and the president has already said that “in the first days of the week” will reach a decision that must be communicated to all Argentines.

In fact, Alberto Fernández said in a dialogue with AM 750 that “the Government is seeing a very large increase in cases, at a faster rate of transmission than at first in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires.” “(The contagions) start in the AMBA and pollute the rest of the country. I would like us to do something to curb this in the metropolitan area,” Fernandez said of possible health restrictions. The president added, “I understand that everyone has a lot. difficulties to withstand a closure again, but it is what is happening in the world, there are many countries with a curfew at this time. All of Europe is practically closed in the afternoon, there are countries that canceled classes, “he said.

“This will not be resolved Manu military,” he assured. “What I want is to call Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta) and think together. The same with Axel (Kicillof). Something needs to be done, The data says something is happening and something that is not good,” he said . “If necessary, there will be a new IFE. What I want is for people to suffer as little as possible, we are taking targeted action. When we see problems we go about these companies and these people,” said the president, who like the Health Minister Carla Vizzotti explained that the infections originate in social gatherings and not in productive activities.

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