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B.C. The man captures comet moment bursts into the super-blooded wolf moon – Caledonia Courier


An amateur photographer from the Greater Victoria captured the exact moment in which a comet stopped at the moon of "wolf of super blood" last week, making a small flash visible from Earth. Conan Chee, a businessman and owner of a popular Facebook page on Facebook, filmed the eclipse with a three-foot lens, from the back of his house.

"I sat on my cover for two hours, everything was frozen. I set up the video and once the moon had moved from one corner to the other screen, it would shoot some how many frames and then I would configure my position again. I have a total of 10 videos. "

During one of these videos, Chee captured the flash of involuntary impact, that the astrophysicist at the University of Huelva, José María Madiedo, believed that it was the first to be seen during a lunar eclipse

"Later, I saw an article that mentioned a lunar impact and thought at 8.41 pm our time? I have to check my videos!", Recalls Conan.

"The flash is so fast, it's a quick blow at 6 in the face of the moon."

Conan took a photograph a few years ago to relax and quickly became prolific, photographing almost every night and weekend. He has shot video and frames throughout the Saanich Peninsula, and the fish market is a favorite backdrop. But the night sky is where Chee often finds his greatest inspiration: the Northern Lights, a clear Milky Way and, above all, blood moons.

"I have always had a fascination with them, I like how they are all red and creepy."

Many of the comments on Chee's images of the Blood Moon have been praised for the creative perspective that his videos and photos give, including his decision to make the stages of the eclipse become one tagged image

"I knew that the Moon was going to be really high and in its entirety at 8:50 p.m., so I decided to make moon stages in a diagram. Everyone would shoot the whole moon and sky forming a landscape. I wanted it people could see it from a different point of view ".

Chee has been driven by the positive reaction to her photos and videos, since her main ambition is to be a professional photographer for National Geographic.

"As an event it was quite amazing. Positive reviews have helped me, they give me this momentum."

– With files from the Canadian press

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