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Barreda's lawyer tried to avoid the suicide of the beast of Toulouse | chronic


the lawyer Eduardo Gutiérrez, who defended a Ricardo Barreda who slaughtered his family, spoke on the phone with Joan Chirino, the man who killed his stepson and hurt his wife, from the door of the house of Toulouse in which he had entrenched and asked him to surrender. Despite the negotiations, the murderer committed suicide.

Chirino spoke with a friend who asked him how much they could get to give justice to the crime of the child. This message reached Gutiérrez and soon called Chirino to advise him and ask him to be delivered. Gutiérrez explained to the press that he was waiting for the people of the Falcó Group to give him the approval to enter and interview him when the firing sounded.

The lawyer was consternated and regretted not having been able to do anything to avoid Chirino's suicide. The Falcó Group worked to try to get the man delivered, but recently at around 15.30 the police entered the house after listening to a shot, before launching a Flash Bang grenade.

solitude Marc, The mother of Ciro, He gave details of what happened in the house he shared with Chirino and his children. He said that he had denounced several times, but that "he returned to him because he believed he would change." After burying his son, Marcos declared to the 6th Commissioner of the Silver, where he presented himself with relatives and for an hour reported that the problems with his partner "they were long"So I had denounced" iin 2015 and 2016, but he returned with him because he believed he would change ".

The day of the fact, his partner rose "at 5:30 a.m. or 5:45 a.m. and it seemed strange to go back to bed for a dress"And then he went to the bathroom,"saw a shadow and immediately after an outburst ". Chirino had shot him in the face with the 32-foot caliber revolver that was from his grandfather and took him to his father.

She was locked in the bathroom and with her cell phone she started sending messages to all relatives. They approached the three smaller children asking "yes he had died because he was thrown on the floor, full of blood ". She never lost the knowledge, could take the boys and escape to the street with her mother.

He estimates that at that time the aggressor had already stabbed Ciro in the room where he was resting. The preliminary autopsy report concluded that the boy received 16 stabs and presented defensive wounds in his hands and a neckerchief nailed to his chest. Once the prosecutor confirms that Chirino is the assassin, the file will close because he is dead.

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