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Because River and Boca played in Madrid, he had to kill Grondona: he would never have allowed


This note deals with a "hypothesis" (supposition). And he will find in many of the points of his development value of "thesis" (theoretical opinion based on reasoning).

if Julio Grondona had not died, the initial knot of this madness that is the relationship between mouth i River it would have avoided. Let's see three premises:

1st) The inconcluso of May 14, 2015, had not gone to any Conmebol desk As the chairman of the AFA – from the place he was and by the way he was – he would have ordered the referee, Darío Herrera, and recommended to the presidents of both clubs that this second time – frustrated by the "pepper gas "and with the result of 0 to 0- it was necessary to complete it if or if tonight or in the following hours still" closed doors ", but settle in the field;

2nd) He had asked the person in charge of the Security of this event and the Conmebol Officials to expel any person who was not a party actor and especially those who were linked to other interests from the Bombonera field of play as Alejandro Burzaco – at that time CEO of Tournaments – because Grondona knew better than anyone that Burzaco was "a leader of River in the shadows" and many times had to restrain his passion,

3rd) He would have lectured with the two presidents (Daniel Angelici and Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio) by telephone, via "skype" or by video call to ask them that the game would continue once the River players that were affected under a single slogan: "do not make the living or want to take advantage, the points are won on the track".

This premise would have saved the political cost to which Daniel Angelici was subjected by the Conmebol to the "Boca world" (under the presidency of Joan Angel Napout) in giving the match won at River in record time, without the right to defense nor expert tests.

That decision generated more distance in this lamentable institutional confrontation between Boca and River.

Worse still, The political reaction of Daniel Angelici was to detonate a South American League of clubs that was presented on July 19, 2016 with 31 entities present Independent and San Lorenzo to desert) ready to break with the Conmebol – already presided over from January 26, 2016 – by Alejandro Domínguez.

An example, only one among dozens who support this AFA action point, was what happened between Hurricane of Currents and River Plate on November 13, 1996. In this opportunity, Hurricane and River They tied 1-1 and the moment at which correntinos marked their second goal (Sorin against), an object was bad for the archer Roberto Bonano of River Plate in his head. Referee Javier Castrilli conceded the goal, but Bonano could not continue by a manifest physical inferiority and the encounter was suspended without the game being resumed from the middle of the field.

This season, River led by Ramon Diaz consecrated champion, traveled to Tokyo, played with Juventus the final of the Intercontinental Cup (0-1) and when returning the Disciplinary Court of the AFA, a world paradigm for sense, content and quality of its regulation, forced him to play the second half. This happened 38 days after the unfortunate event – December 21, 1996 with the recess season and all the holiday nurseries – and stayed 1-1.

To undermine the first episode, that of 2015, the following events linked to the last "Copa Libertadores" would result in useless traffic. However, the game of the hypotheses imposes it and therefore we will have to continue imagining what the then president of the AFA had made. Let's see:

a) – Grondona had not allowed the day of the Copa Libertadores 2018 raffle (December 20, 2017 in Asunción) 1 fixture that would allow a final between two teams of the AFA; His position has always been that two Argentine teams would cross at most in the semifinals. I used to say that "an end between ours would always bring problems …". I was not wrong.

b) – He had opposed the VAR. He said "Technology in football is like a revolver, the devil loads …".

c) – It would have accompanied the draw to the presidents of the participating clubs with offices of their General Manager regarding the availability of dates that did not attempt against the dispute of the AFA Official Tournament and the recommendations of the Director of the Department of the # 39; Legal – who was a full professor, teacher, and a great experience and great reputation as Dr. Mario Schmoisman – with comments on the Cup Regulations.

d.) – It would hardly have gone unnoticed for the AFA officials or advisers in article 18 of the Glass Regulations that provided for a "third country" in the case of extreme contingency. This point is legislated for cases of natural disasters, emerging social states or political situations that do not guarantee civil insolvency. But in no case they refer to a situation like the one that happened in River.

e.) – Notice that it was Grondona at the instigation of a prestigious lawyer, expert managers (who fortunately they are) and honest regulators, would have asked a priori specifications on the point. Who would have said and who had accepted then a headquarters in Europe or Asia for a Copa America "Libertadores de América" ​​final? No one.

The sum of those nonsense, which could well be predicted under the observance of experienced leaders, are only part of the unacceptable lack of reason left a Cup full of irregularities. And that for that reason had to declare itself desert.

Undecidedly hurt players (Bruno Zuculini, from River) among others, along with others unfairly disqualified (Carlos Sánchez, from Sants). Also unusual errors of a unipersonal Disciplinary Unit (Amarilis Belisario) for the serious case of the expulsion of Dedé (Cruzeiro). The Brazilian defender was sanctioned by referee Eber Aquino with the red card after breaking his jaw to Esteban Andrada (September 19 at La Boca) and anti-regimentally enabled for revenge in Belo Horizonte.

Faced with this scandal, Don Julio had not been an observer. In any case, but especially in two of them: in Anderson Vital Da Silva (Dedé), as the regulations of FIFA itself were flagrantly violated, which states that when a player is expelled, he has to fulfill at least a date of suspension because "the decision I referred to is final (not modified)", and in the case of police persecution and denigrating Gallardo in the dressing room of River while complying with an exaggerated sanction imposed by a court washed and therefore dependent.

Progressing in the hypotheses without more support than the one of the perception and already in front of the fact of Boca-River finalists, these are the things that Grondona had not allowed:

1.- In no way would it have admitted that Boca and River will play on Saturdays 10 and 24 November 2018, as announced on November 1, 2018 in Assumpció. The days devoted to AFA tournaments were "sacred" by Grondona, Boca and River had to play on Wednesday, November 14 and 28Since a FIFA date was performed in the intermediate week.

2.- On Saturday 10, seeing the rain from any window of the house, he would have ordered the suspension of the party before 11 in the morning to prevent the crowd from going in vain to La Boca.

3.- The first encounter would not have been disputed on Sunday November 11 since that day they played Independiente-Belgrano at 1 pm; Banfield-Lanus at 15, and Racing-Gymnastics at 7 pm. AFA would never have committed such lack of respect to their affiliated clubs. That is why the complaint of the Superliga was very well, which was ignored by Conmebol in front of a newly absent AFA.

4.- Before disputing the revenge and taking into account the presence of the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino and the one of the Conmebol Alejandro Domínguez, the AFA would have started two actions: a) meeting with the Head of Security of the AFA so that it reports on the forecasts of the operative from the corresponding authorities, in addition to a contact with the police, force to those who AFA recognizes the domain to him and experience in the b and b) an AFA Public Relations operation to get in touch with his pairs of River and find out how, where and at what time Infantino and Domínguez would arrive and who would receive them officially. Surely it would be to enter the guests by the beach of Udaondo until driving the box for the internal ring. In such a way, as it had already happened in previous opportunities, the important foreign leaders would be safe from any unpleasant contact with people who massif them transform into rebuttable subjects, which unfortunately happened.

5.- Suspended the party, Julio Grondona would have put to the front of the situation before the Conmebol in its capacity as president of the institution to which the club actors are affiliated avoiding that the two presidents deepen any personal confrontation; the topic of the meeting, the possible sanctions to River for minor awards at the Boca buses in the "adjacencies" and the designation of the venue for the second and definitive match between the River and Boca would become a problem of # 39; AFA and this would invalidate all "pact" between the parties and also the intention of Boca to appear before the TAS. AFA would put the problem to the shoulder until finding an alternative preserving in River and Boca for all wear and tear.

6.- This Sunday, a few and despicable people attacked Domínguez and Infantino accompanied by the true president of the AFA, Claudius Tapia, who unbelievably arrived at the beach of River internal parking without anyone else Security of the club receives them. Then they walked alone and exposed beneath the Sant Martí Alta, where they were offended. It was clear that this-someday-would have consequences since these victims kept for themselves the useless privilege that gives poorly understood power: the "exemplifying" penalty. What unfortunately happened and so fast gave the Conmebol the opportunity to "discipline" as he is doing with different federations affiliated and in accordance with FIFA. To a leader like Grondona that circumstance he had not escaped. And that same night, after apologizing publicly, he would have started to weave alliances with other federations, associations or leagues on the continent to get support and prevent a transcendent, fundamental and historical party from leaving his country to go to the # 39; outdoor. He would have said something like this: "Look, if we allow this today with Argentina, tomorrow they will bring you your classic and will be a shame for you, for your management and humiliation for your country …"

7.- In no way Julio Grondona had admitted that a Disciplinary Tribunal of the Conmebol integrated by Eduardo Gross Brown of Paraguay, Amarilis Belisario de Venezuela, and Cristobal Valdes of Chile, reaffirmed with his decision "on request" (November 29th 2018) the decision of Conmebol to transfer the meeting to the exterior as anticipated by Alejandro Domínguez two days before (November 27, 2018) and publicly anticipated at a press conference a few hours before the obvious verdict, one true shame

The final is open, as the actor of fiction could impose on FIFA that all this absurdity was not possible.

Who knew a little Julio Grondona knows that Boca and River had completed the second half of 2015 at La Boca and that the end of 2018 would have played in Argentina– almost certainly in River- or they would never have played.

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