Sunday , May 22 2022

Bes in the VIP neighborhood of girls who tried to enter the fifth Mauricio Macri


Since this happened Federica Albisu, Juana Avalos, Federica Lopez Brovn and Mateo Passerieu, alumni of exclusive schools such as Chaltel or Santha Ethnea, The Buenos Aires police persecuted them and arrested them after trying to enter the fifth rest of Mauricio Macri – allegedly "Cat, we'll kill you!" according to police sources, racers of Villa de Maio, golfers and neighbors around CUBA club they see their annual routine exchanged by police units, journalists' guards and cars of aliens They enter and leave various blocks in which young people live with their family.

He has the club himself a land, closed settlement: Albis and Avalos – Volkswagen driver The goal with which the group tried to enter the presidential villa – they live there with their families. Passerieu left the city a few months ago, Lopez Brovn does not live very far, between high trees and dirty roads and houses of great size.

All families They were defending this afternoonhouse houses that were balanced ordered by Judge Juan Manuel Culota armored vehicles of other relatives and aesthetically avoid any contact with the press. "Get out of here"Someone shouted from a two-storey house in a modern style and when the front was Lopez Brovns Infobae he hugged the bell. "No, I'm sorry", told someone a little more kind in Avalos's house, a car driver, also a contemporary style, surrounded by trees behind the black gate, one of the most sought after points by the press in the afternoon which ended up surrounded by television mobile devices.

The wrath becomes apparent in the neighborhood. "We were scared to see so many police, we did not know what was going on, It's a piece of paper what girls, rough people did. Let me explain it here we are many who vote for the president, so I do not understand"says neighbors with about 60 years, thin, blond, dressed in pink diva Adidas and sunglasses, set in front of the Federico Albizu house, which wants to keep its name in reserve.

"We relaxed and rested with the kids, enjoying the Sunday when We saw that police cars came and we were scared, because this village is very safe and do not miss things that change that peace, "says another neighbor.

"This It's CUBA, it's macro strong here"said another in the neighborhood, explaining his political position and his inconvenience with the fact. "We are human values, well-constituted families", says Carlos, the neighbor of the Juane Avalos block, the goal of the driver.

At Cuba Club, for the time being, they have not spoken about it. Sources are contacted they avoided any declaration until they had instructions from the authorities after a long vacation. Avalos manifested itself in networks a few months ago in favor Women are full members of the institution.

It was a group of young people he was investigated by Judge Culot for crimes of violation of domicile and threats: they were convinced that everything was "a game" and they denied they said they would kill Macrie. The The phones and computers that are seized in raids in their homes will be estimated. Culot has ten to solve if they persecute them or refuse them. So far, after leaving the police station, several of them have set up their social networks in private mode or directly deleted them.

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