Thursday , October 28 2021

Calo Rivero, Esteban Lamothe and the five unsuspecting of the week


They are unsafe the performances of Calu Rivero and Esteban Lamothe a Bells at night, The new strip of Telefe. Someone should say it out loud, because It costs you to pay credibility to these guys cool of the Argentine naturalist performance, A light way to say that they do not put a bit of a word on it, they all say it equally and have less expression than the embalmed cat of Daniela Cardone. There is nothing to do with Calu's commitment and struggle, neither the feminist movement, nor the allegations nor his personal history. At the time of shaking a starring role, one would hope that the charisma flows somewhere.

Lamothe, in turn, as a bad guy, oscillates between the fall of a farmer's eyes to sleep and that look of the cow looking at the train. We come across a cast full of colors and nuances in 100 days to fall in love, Going through all possible states, to this classical saga -a large production-, which Not for this reason it has to force us to re-create two compositions for forgetting.

When summarized in summer, the summer fills the grid with more Turkish novels, as if they were missing. Luckily in the middle the Brazilian stole secret truths which shows that the products of the neighboring country are a thousand times better in plot, scripts and performances than the Turks, so different, so far away. The worst of the Turks is that they are very long. Cut them, cut them, put the best of the previous chapter, anticipate the next and spend ten clear minutes of chapters, to make them eternal if they work. Now they return Onur and Sherezade, Telefe announces new ones for the afternoon and the truth is that among those who do not see anyone and those that are on the right, the cans cover spaces in summer for a cool TV in hot weather.

Insofribles were Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro, So quiet before, so low profile; and now kings of the networks while we all try to guess how much it is true, how much is hacking, if they reconciled or the variant of crossed horns that could have in their relationship. A photo of yesterday shows them together again, to days she says "women also catch horns" or who needed a " I'll get it ".

They fall into the temptation of "the Jimenas Baron of the world": they must all be outsourced, notify by Instagram, declare or send code messages between them, then unlocks and danced in a video that aims to The portals are lifted up and continue doing everything for "outside." Nothing that does not do many media, but in the case of them they surge a bit, considering that "I'm getting another good ", where the press gets up to where they want. Of course, if they upload everything to Instagram, they end up giving pasture to the wild beasts who seem to want to fight.

Guido Süller It is a breast-fed baby next to the modern media networks, but it's still unsuspecting, albeit beloved. It was operated, surgery was done or stress grabbed the face, but it was disfigured. Your photo, that he himself went up to the networks -obviously-served to earn hundreds of thousands of clicks on Internet notes to find out what had happened. It seems that they insulted him in a carnival or had his mother in the house inflated the whole face. He ended up boarding and here he was the faithful Tomasito to upload it to Instagram. Maleous voices say that surgery was performed and everything was about post-operative swelling.

What has been served him to the indescribable and untiring Guido for They returned to the covers that they gave so much food and so strange when nobody talks about the family saga of their surroundings. But every now and then he gets new five minutes of fame, although he is increasingly at the highest price. That health is a part of its reality must be very profitable but one wonders what the next media bet will be and how far it will be able to reach it.

Unsafe is the mistreatment of Matilda Blanc In her role as villain in the program of Andrea Politti. In his character of "head of workshop" of reality Cut and dressmaking, to the participant Melissa von Tesse He told her horrible things, but the girl told her that she does not advise anything to beginners and that she does not even see what they do there. He retracted his "postis"-a fairly ridiculous horsetail that he used in his hair- and the rest felt that he did justice to the evil one who obviously is there to remove from the crowd the contestants, just like Polino in the dancing. Only that unlike the jury of the Tinelli cycle, Matilda does not see the "funny" part that makes her something more empathetic to the public. It's a bad point.

The end of the column of today ends up unwittingly pausing with the beginning, returning to Lamothe and Calu that, like Matilda, They have no nuances.

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