Saturday , April 17 2021

"Cave is anxious to get to Independent"

At the close of the past market, Independent present the papers corresponding to the AFA to corroborate the negotiation for Christian Cova with the Krasnodar of Russia, so now it will take 48 hours more to complete the pass. And that's it red It is polishing the details of the transfer, which in principle will be 1 prstec of two years of 1,750,000 dollars plus a purchase option of five million more to pay in five years.

In the absence of the official announcement of the pass by the team of Ariel Holan, the representative of Cova, Tony ChenProvide a radial interview with the "From the Nursery to Inferno" party site and revealed that the Selectionist for Per "is anxious to arrive at the club."

"Christian is anxious to reach Independent. He is happy and knows that an agreement was reached between clubs. He made a great sacrifice, even from the economic one. In Russia he charged another sum, but he thought it would be a good thing to get to the Red for history and because he is a great team. That attracted a lot and also, as a personal challenge, the Copa America is at stake, "he said.

"The negotiation could be made. Independent made the effort and the Russians (Krasnodar) also contributed their own and lowered the claims they had. There was a point where everyone was happy. Christian had a great desire to reach the club. Some details of papers are missing but we can say that you have a foot and a half inside", Chen detail.

And he continued: "The TMS is the system that is normalized by FIFA. Both institutions must load all the relevant documents to enable the player so that it can be enabled. We had to ask for an extension to finish things well and not running. There was a lot of effort on the part of Independent so that the operation could be specified ".

"I am a person who does not like to anticipate all the previous to what the signed papers are. When Cova reaches the pass and is presented, it will be all sealed. I prefer to be more realistic, beyond that it is good to be I prefer to be cautious. He continues to show that he is a selection soccer player. Independent made a very strong effort and this is valuable. The player leaves everything in the field and shows why it's worth it", Concluded the agent of the future stick of the King of Cups.

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