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Central could not level the difference that Hurricane took out in the first half


When the first time ended, Central's defeat seemed sealed. But in the complement with more order and much attitude leveled a very adverse game, although he did not reach him to tie.

It is that Central succumbed to its first official appointment of 2019 because it began to lose from the beginning. Hurricane had a lot of dynamics and speed for a clumsy group that never managed to articulate the brands. And in this he had to see the space that capitalized Roa, Gamba and Auzqui to be associated near the rival area in order to capitalize on the job and the hierarchy of Lucas Barrios.

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The 2 to 0 with which the first time ended was nothing more than the clear description of what happened on the court. Gamba was a suplicio for the last line, because with their diagonals behind Rinaudo and Ortigoza they did nothing but reveal the slowness with which the Bauza team moves. As well as the absence of a left-handed zaguero that understands how to relieve the central wheel.

Roa and Auzqui quickly demonstrated that Becker and Jonás do not feel the double task that an external steering wheel must fulfill, since when they retreated they did it badly and in time.


Photo: Sebastián Suárez Meccia / La Capital

At 39 'Roa's great move came, that with a movement he reached to enter and violate Ledesma, who at that time felt alone to resist. And then Barrios, after another Gamba maneuver, put the second.

Intertwining came as a rest in every sense. And in the wardrobe the Patón arranged that Herrera supplant an inexpressive Barrier.

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It was that change that he who brought relief, since the Chaqueño in the first one he touched achieved the discount.

Hence in more Central he balanced the game with greater order and much attitude. But it was not enough.

It is that the game started with a lot of offensive determination, which was generating chances, from which Hurricane took advantage of the best, that before the 8 minutes it generated two clear situations, one that Cabezas cleared on the line after a shot from Gamba. And again, the former Union demanded Ledesma again.

player canalla.JPG

Photo: Sebastián Suárez Meccia / La Capital

The players were complicated to control the attacks of the premises, mainly by the mobility of their opponents in the field of offensive, who capitalized the space behind Rinaudo.

Despite Central, he had an opportunity to slip off, when after a series of rebounds, the ball remained at Parot, who had to finish with right without strength or certainty.

In the interval to drink water much talked about the canallas to overcome the defensive disagreements brought about by the experience of Barrios and the speed of Gamba.

But the talk did not come up with the expected effect, since the Central is hard for the ball and that is very well capitalized by the men of Mohamed. Hurricane began to gravitate also on the sides, mainly by the Roa sector.

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The dominion of the Globe became very noticeable, to the point that the goal was a latent threat for the arc of Ledesma.

And it was Roa, at 39, who achieved what she enjoyed. Goodbye And there just Gamba and Barrios re-teamed up so that the experienced attacker turned the second.

In the Bauza supplement he sent Herrera as a replacement for a Jarlan Barrera that did not gravitate.

And it was the Chaqueño who managed to deduct in the first ball he touched.


From that goal, Central tried to handle the ball so as not to undergo local control, and with greater determination he leveled strength.

At 75 Allione crashed a free kick in the crossbar, and Central approached the desired draw.

But the normality of the encounter was broken to the 82 ', when Bettini demolishes to Perez and Ortigoza hits a pelotazo to the player who was fallen. This generates a fight that resulted in the expulsions of former San Lorenzo and Mancinelli, who attacked him.

The finals found Central struggling to tie, but he could not, fundamentally for all the bad things he did in the first half.

Central left Park Patricios with a lot of homework, because in today's football can not give as much advantage as the one he gave in the first stage.


Hurricane: Antony Silva; Cristian Chimino, Saúl Salcedo, Federico Mancinelli and Carlos Araujo; Carlos Auzqui (65 'Pérez), Israel Damonte, Iván Rossi and Andrés Roa (43' Briasco); Lucas Gamba and Lucas Barrios (75 'Chávez).

Central Rosary: Jeremías Ledesma, Gonzalo Bettini, Matías Caruzzo, Oscar Cabezas and Alfonso Parot; Diego Becker (58 'Allione), Fabián Rinaudo, Néstor Ortigoza and Jonás Aguirre; Jarlan Barrera (45 'Herrera); Claudio Riaño (92 'Camacho).

Goals: 39 'Roa, 44' Barrios (H), 48 'Herrera (C)

Expulsions: 82 'Ortigoza (C) and Mancinelli (H)

TV: TNT Sports

Referee: Jorge Baliño

Stadium: Tomás Adolfo Ducó

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